Bill Maher Explodes On Dr. Fauci’s Pandemic Response

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Bill Maher, host of an HBO talk show, took aim at Anthony Fauci and other medical experts during the current pandemic for their constant alteration of the COVID guidelines.

‘Don’t sit there in your white coat and tell me “just do what we say,”‘ Maher said in an interview with Deadline about the medical community’s response to Coronavirus, which has claimed over 860,000 lives since 2020.

‘That’s not a criticism of them like they’re being corrupt, although there certainly is plenty of corruption in the medical establishment,’ declared the politically-minded comedian, as he kicked off the 20th season of his hit HBO series, Real Time with Bill Maher.

Maher was not overly confident when asked whether, as a result of all these studies, either the medical establishment or an infectious disease expert like Dr. Fauci – who is the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States and that country’s leading infectious disease expert – ‘really know what they are doing.’

‘But I’ve always maintained that the big overarching theme should be that people look back and say, “Oh, look how far we’ve come medically.”‘

‘Yes, that’s true. We’re not putting wooden teeth in our mouth like in the George Washington era, and of course we have antibiotics and lots of vaccines and lots of other things that have been miraculous.’

‘But in general, we still don’t understand too much about how the human body works,’ Maher stated.

In spite of advice from Fauci and fellow medical experts, Maher said that the virus is still a ‘dominant issue’ in our lives right now, and shouldn’t continue to be one.

‘I feel like Covid is still the dominant issue of our lives right now and it should not be anymore,’ said Maher before kicking off his show’s 20th season Friday.

In an interview with CNN, Rutger Hauer, 66, said that over the years, medical experts have been wrong about ‘a lot’.

‘They drilled mercury into my teeth when I was a child. Now, of course, we don’t do that anymore, but do you really think in 50 years people will look back and say, “Oh, yeah, we had it all figured out in 2022?” No, they will be appalled at things we’re doing right now.’

According to Deadline, Maher said he was not scared of the pandemic despite ongoing outbreaks and emerging strains like the Delta and Omicron variants.

‘I was always scared of the reaction to it, and as this has played out that only proved to be more true for me,’ he said.

‘It was never that virulent a threat, I thought, to people who were in good health,’ he continued.

‘Now, some people can’t help that they’re not in good health. We should, of course, protect the vulnerable, but it was mostly a disease of the very old, which every disease is a threat to, and people who have comorbidities, which mostly is due to lifestyle.’

Meanwhile, Maher commended the coronavirus vaccine for its success; however, he added that though the vaccine prevents death, it does not prevent virus transmission.

‘They just prevent you from dying, which is a great part of it, let’s not undercount that.’

‘But if they don’t prevent you from transmitting it and they don’t prevent you from getting it why are we still treating this disease the way we always have?’

The comedian’s first guest for Real Time’s 20th season premiere, journalist and author Bari Weiss, echoed many of the comedian’s views about the pandemic and said life must resume its normal routine.

In a Substack article published during the Pandemic, the journalist claimed that school closures and restrictions brought about by the outbreak are a ‘catastrophic moral crime’ and declared that she is ‘done with covid!’

‘We were told you get the vaccine, you get the vaccine and you get back to normal. And we haven’t gotten back to normal. And it’s ridiculous at this point,’ Weiss began on the HBO show.

As part of last week’s hearing on President Biden’s vaccine mandate, liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor incorrectly stated that 100,000 children in the U.S. have Covid-19 and are in “serious condition.”

The justice, appointed by former President Obama, also claimed that Omicron is ‘just as deadly’ as the Delta variant for the unvaccinated.

Studies have shown the Omicron variant to be more infectious but less virulent than past strains of Covid-19.

It also forced CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to correct Sotomayor’s numbers claim during a segment of Fox News Sunday.

‘The number is not 100,000. It’s roughly 3500 in hospitals now?’ asked host Bret Baier.

‘Yes – while pediatric hospitalizations are rising, they’re still about 15 fold less than hospitalizations of our older age or age demographic,’ Walinsky stated.


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