Bill Barr calls New York’s Trump lawsuit a ‘political hit job’ And Points Out a Major Problem With Case

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Bill Barr, Former US Attorney General, told Fox News that in his opinion, the civil case led by State Attorney General Letitia James against President Donald J. Trump on behalf of the state of New York State is total garbage.

He also said it looked like a witch hunt from someone who needed to boost her own failing campaign by targeting Trump, who she promised to punish while she was in office and had failed to finish off yet.

Barr told Fox News hosts,”she doesn’t have the evidence to make this a criminal case, obviously and she is overarching dragging the kids in kids in, and the loans were paid and she looks like she is making good on a campaign promise to bring Trump down. It will backfire on her and make him look sympathetic.”


“She has no evidence that the kids were a part of this; that is the most obvious problem here,” Barr said in a long, 8 min. interview this week.

“This, to me, looks like gross overreach, which I think is going to end up backfiring on them because I think it will make people sympathetic for Trump, this is another example of people piling on because of Trump derangement syndrome, which is this strong desire to punish him,” Barr told Fox News.

Barr is joined by Eric Trump, the second oldest son to Donald J. Trump, who posted a video compilation of numerous campaign promises by James to ‘get Trump’ as evidence that she was, in fact, politicizing her office to go after her political opponent.

James announced the lawsuit on Wednesday, saying she was suing Trump and three adult children and seeking $250 million claiming for ‘persistent fraudulent practices’ to overvalue 200 different assets in financial statements.

The suit says Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump ‘knowingly participated’ in the scheme as executive vice presidents who were briefed on company operations, and that is where Barr really objects saying “It is hard for me not to conclude it’s a political hit job.”

Barr went on to accuse James of ‘targeting’ Trump.

“It would seem that her goal is to ban anybody with the last name Trump from ever working for the Trump organization again, right?” one Fox news host said to Barr. “It would seem that her goal is to eviscerate the family business. What do you think of what she’s doing?”

“For me, it is impossible not to conclude it’s a political hit job, and this is a woman who campaigned for office the first time saying , go after Trump, which I think is a tremendous abuse of office to go head-hunting, and targeting individuals.

So, I think she was targeting Trump. And this is after three years a civil lawsuit, the gist of which is that when the Trump organization should borrow money and then personally guarantee those loans, and the support for that is that she’s claiming that he inflated his assets on his financial statements, I’m not even sure she has a good case against Trump himself,” Barr said..

“But what ultimately persuades me that this is a political hit job is when she tries to drag the children into it. Yes, they had roles in the business, but this was his personal financial statement. It was prepared by the CFO accounting firms were involved in it. The children aren’t going to know the details of that  or are they expected in the real world to do their own due diligence there

I don’t think it’s going to go any further.

These are successful Investments and the banks were paid back.

There are times where people may be conducting legitimate investigations into some of Trump’s actions. But this isn’t one of them. And it is simply true that there are a lot of long knives out for them and people tend to target him unfairly and apply different standards of justice, and when that happens, I think it has to be called out,” Barr said.

President Trump posted on Truth Social that the case was “another Witch Hunt by a racist, attorney general, Leticia James getting almost zero support from the public and now doing poorly against Law and Order AG candidate, highly respected, Michael Henry. ”

Trump wrote that he never thought this case would be brought till he saw really bad poll numbers. “She’s a fraud of campaign on a get-Trump platform. Despite the fact that the city is one of the crime and murder disasters of the world under her watch,” Trump said.

“Now she spent a lot of time on this, so I would assume that this case is not owing to any recent poll numbers, but she is running for re-election, and this would be a big plum for her to come out and get Trump,” one Fox News host said to Barr.

“That’s right. And you know she ran the first saying that her main campaign promise was bringing down and going after Trump, that’s a horrible thing for a law enforcement person running for a law enforcement officer to say and act on. It’s the greatest abuse that someone in that position can have is going after people rather than it detecting crime and then investigating crime.


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