Biden’s new White House press secretary’s Twitter comes back to bite her

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Radical far-left Democrat President Joe Biden’s new White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, will be responsible for communicating details about Biden’s public policy demands and his official actions as POTUS.

As the highest-ranking source of data and details to the world media, her point of view, and her opinions, will be highly influential.

And she is being celebrated by the left for her skin tone and who she has sexual activity with.

She is a Black lesbian, which is what the left says is essential about her qualifications to do a significant job representing the US Presidency.

While Jean-Pierre has yet to officially assume the position at the White House, she is already controversial when judged by her merits- because she has a  particularly brazen history of remarks that would land other Americans in social media blackouts, into legal trouble, and perhaps even unemployed- if they were to make similar such comments or posts about similar topics.

Under the standards applied to conservatives by the Department of Homeland Security, under Biden’s reign, numerous posts that have been uncovered -made by Jean-Pierre’s Twitter account and on leftist talk shows- show a disinformation campaign.

Yet, here she is at the White House- for talking that mess about Conservatives. But that is ok? Right?  Because Democrats have special privileges- like the first amendment, which Conservatives no longer have.

Her posts would definitely qualify as disinformation, including Twitter activity in which she questioned the legitimacy of elections if not democracy itself.

With Jen Psaki’s final day coming on Friday the 13th, Jean-Pierre will immediately be thrown into the hot seat while the media is still warm and fuzzy over the historical firsts of a black lesbian being appointed as the top White House flack as her past remarks are subjected to growing scrutiny.

Media reports show,  that in one of her tweets unearthed at a time when Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s vaunted J6 committee was set to hold public hearings in which election denialism will be prominently featured, KJP wrote in 2020 that Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp stole the election from Democrat Stacey Abrams who has yet to concede that she lost it fair and square.

“Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams.”

She also expressed her opinion that “Yes – the race was stolen” about the Georgia gubernatorial contest in another tweet from 2019.

“Yes – the race was stolen.”

In a 2016 tweet, Jean-Pierre stated that the election was stolen.

“Stolen emails, stolen drone, stolen election …..welcome to the world of #unpresidented Trump.”

In 2017, she dumped on the duly-elected 45th POTUS as illegitimate, “Trump always finds a way to take it to the lowest of lows. Not only is he petulant dotard but also a deplorable illegitimate president.”

Then there’s her 2018 appearance with MSNBC’s Joy Reid as the panel bemoaned Abrams’ imminent defeat, claiming that Kemp “pickpocketed Jim Crow and turned this election into a voter suppression election, he has been blocking African-Americans from voting for some time now,” she said.

Not surprisingly, KJP is also an enthusiastic Russiagate tinfoil hatter.

Flynn, Manafort and The Donald himself (inviting Russia to partake in espionage on our election) #PutinLoveAffair

And, Russia is still winning because his puppet Trump continues to flagrantly degrade America’s standing on the global stage.

Sadly, Putin has always had control over Trump. Putin is laughing back home to Russia. The only thing that surprised Putin is how simple and idiotic Donald Trump truly is. Trump made it incredibly easy for Putin. Russia is winning and we are losing.

Collision, delusion = Donald Trump

In addition, she also showered disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo with praise for his COVID leadership, a false narrative created by the media that had little basis in reality.

And those are just a very, very small sample of an extensive Twitter timeline that is sure to prove to be a gold mine for internet sleuths.

The new White House disinformation queen was blistered for her resurfaced tweets.

I thought questioning the results of an election was some kind of crime?

So there is now standing proof that Biden and the Democrats are escalating themselves into rulers over us and criminalizing their political opponents, while in fact, they do the exact same things they say they are guarding the country against.

And the longer they go on with this unchecked power to abuse citizens, the more power they grab, because their lust for control and dominating the free people of the United States seems to be limitless- there is no end in sight.

And while people have been made very uncomfortable over these usurpations of our freedoms- too many Americans are still hesitant to do the few remaining peaceful actions we have to stop this nonsense- which is to get into the Republican party- and get people out to vote against the left.

We have a duty to vote in all of our elections.

If history is any indication, all criticism of Jean-Pierre will be decried as racism and homophobia despite her dubious qualifications for the job as well as her long track record of being a super spreader of disinformation.

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