Biden Warns Oil Companies Use Of Emergency Powers Will Force Them to Comply

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A little over three months ago Joe Biden cynically used TikTokers to blame soaring inflation and gas prices on Putin and his war on Ukraine.

About 30 popular internet figures attended a zoom briefing conducted by the White House, after which they took to their social media accounts to discuss what the White House had briefed them on.

Ellie Zeiler, an 18-year-old Instagram star who has more than 10 million followers, also posted a pro-Biden video as she was asked to do so.

Her video was titled: ‘Why is gas so expensive?’ The influencers were approached by the White House because of their work with a non-profit named Gen Z for Change, although it is unclear if any of them were paid.

In the video, Zeiler did not avoid the fact that she had contacted the Biden Administration.

‘Why is gas so expensive, and why is the United States inflation rate at a four-time decade-high?’ the video asks.

‘I had the opportunity to ask the White House why gas down the street is $7 and here’s what they said.’

‘The first obvious reason is that we’re getting out of a two-year pandemic. When use goes up, the price goes up….

‘But the call was predominantly about Ukraine and Russia, so how does that relate?’ the teenager, who doesn’t have a degree in economics, asked.

‘Russia is one of the top three producers of oil and it is actually their No. 1 revenue source. Now, with Putin starting this horrific fight between Ukraine and Russia, nobody wants to work with him and do international trade.’

Now that things have gone from dumpster fire to straight-up nuclear inferno, Biden has found a new scapegoat and he’s about to do more stupid things as he is wont to do.

According to The Western Journal “President Joe Biden sent a letter to oil companies telling them to get with his program — or else.”

A letter dated Wednesday was sent to major oil companies warning them that if they do not increase gasoline flow to the pumps, he could force them to do so.

The letter obtained by Axios repeats Biden’s claim that the major cause of the gasoline price spike in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

But after multiple castigations and finger-pointing at Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Biden said oil companies share the blame.

The letter said oil companies should take “immediate action” to increase supplies.

In the letter, Biden wrote, “There is no question that Vladimir Putin is principally responsible for the intense financial pain the American people and their families are bearing. But amid a war that has raised gasoline prices more than $1.70 per gallon, historically high refinery profit margins are worsening that pain.”

“My administration is prepared to use all reasonable and appropriate federal government tools and emergency authorities to increase refinery capacity and output in the near term, and to ensure that every region of this country is appropriately supplied,” Biden continued.

The *president had the gall to say that it was the oil companies who are making him look like an idiot, not his own decisions and those of his socialist, anti-American handlers.

“The lack of refining capacity — and resulting unprecedented refinery profit margins — are blunting the impact of the historic actions my Administration has taken to address Vladimir Putin’s Price Hike and are driving up costs for consumers,” Biden declared before demanding, “Your companies need to work with my Administration.”

The reactions on social media to the letter were vociferous.

According to the Journal, Biden then lets his socialist side show, telling the companies that profits cannot be had at the time.

“I have directed the Secretary of Energy to convene an emergency meeting on this topic,” Biden wrote, telling the companies he wanted “concrete ideas” for solving the crisis, as well as explanations of why refining capacity has been cut over the past two years.

“I understand that many factors contributed to the business decisions to reduce refinery capacity, which occurred before I took office,” he wrote.

“But at a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable.”

Although Biden said he wants a quick fix, the U.S. Energy Information Administration on Friday released estimates that “refinery utilization will reach a monthly average level of 96 percent twice this summer, near the upper limits of what refiners can consistently maintain,” according to KXAS-TV.

Oil companies are pushing back, though, knowing that this was all brought about by Biden and his far-left allies who want to destroy the American fossil fuel industry.

Fox Business reported:

Oil producers have chastised the Biden administration for pushing a “misguided” green agenda while ignoring its immediate effects on the economy. The American Petroleum Institute, which represents the industry, said in response to Biden’s letter that its policy agenda “has compounded inflationary pressures and added headwinds to companies’ daily efforts to meet growing energy needs while reducing emissions.”

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