Biden Says He Will Ensure Trump Does Not Take Power In 2024 By Using Constitutional Means

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As President Biden suggested, he would use “legitimate” Constitutional methods to ensure Donald Trump would not take power if he won the election in 2024.

Following the midterm elections, Biden spoke during a “victory lap” press conference despite Republicans slated to take the House and impeach him. It’s still to early to tell if the GOP will take the Senate. A reporter asked Biden how he would convey “that the former President will not return.”

“How do you reassure [world leaders] … that the former President will not return or that his political movement, which is still very strong, will not once again take power in the United States?” the reporter asked.

The idea that Trump’s political movement is strong is laughable to Biden.

“Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by — if we — if he does run,” Biden declared. “I’m making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next President again.”

It’s unclear what ‘legitimate’ Constitutional efforts Biden could take to prevent Trump from taking power in 2024, apart from running for re-election. Republicans’ underwhelming midterm showing has made that scenario more likely.

Biden praised the election results, proclaiming, “While the press and the pundits [were] predicting a giant red wave, it didn’t happen.”

He claimed that “Democrats had a strong night,” even though it is most likely that the GOP will ultimately regain power in the House, and they still stand a chance in the Senate.

“Former President Donald Trump has teased a big announcement this coming Tuesday, with speculation being that it will involve announcing his presidential campaign in 2024,” the Political Insider reported.

At the press conference, a newly confident Biden suggested he would be running again as well.

When a reporter explained that two-thirds of Americans in exit polls indicate they do not want to see Biden run in 2024, the President responded: “Watch me.”

Biden’s latest comments are reminiscent of those he made in the midst of the 2020 presidential election, suggesting the military could be used to escort Trump out of the White House.

“I promise, I am absolutely convinced they [the military] will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden replied when it was implied that Trump would not leave voluntarily.

In addition to his claims about Trump, the then-candidate for president said he was going to try to “steal this election.”

Immediately after the 2020 election, a Biden campaign spokesperson stated that “the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

Asked what he planned to do differently in his two years as president to reassure the 75 percent of Americans who believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, Biden answered, “Nothing.”

“They’re just finding out what we’re doing,” Biden added. “The more they know about what we’re doing, the more support there is.”

Although Trump conceded the midterms were “somewhat disappointing,” he still sought to project a positive tone, calling them a “very big victory.”

“While in certain ways yesterday’s election was somewhat disappointing, from my personal standpoint it was a very big victory – 219 WINS and 16 Losses in the General – Who has ever done better than that?” Trump wrote on his Truth Social page.

In early Wednesday morning posts on his social media platform, the former president seemed even more enthused.

“174 wins and 9 losses, A GREAT EVENING, and the Fake News Media, together with their partner in crime, the Democrats, are doing everything possible to play it down. Amazing job by some really fantastic candidates!” he declared.

In May, Louisiana and Missouri’s attorneys general filed a lawsuit alleging that Biden, eight administration members, and the government colluded with and/or coerced Meta, Twitter, and YouTube to censor “disfavored speakers, viewpoints, and content on social media platforms.”

Four counts of the lawsuit allege that social media companies labeled content “disinformation” and “misinformation.” Plaintiffs argue that such suppression violates First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the federal government exceeded its statutory authority through actions taken by the Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security (DHS).

In addition, the AGs allege that a “Disinformation Governance Board” within DHS pressed social media entities to limit free speech on:

  • The Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 presidential election;

  • Speech about the lab-leak theory of COVID-19’s origin;

  • Speech about the efficiency of masks and COVID-19 lockdowns; and

  • Speech about election integrity and the security of voting by mail.

“Terry Doughty, a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, ruled there is “good cause” for the discovery process and set a timetable, including specific deadlines for depositions,” The Olean Times Herald reported.

President Joe Biden, members of his administration and select social media companies must turn over documents and answer questions within the next 30 days during a discovery phase of a lawsuit alleging collusion to suppress freedom of speech, a court ruled.


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