Biden Quietly Hosting Defund The Police Groups At White House

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It is not a surprise to savvy political watchers that Democrat Joe Biden, who was once very pro-police, is now supporting a decades-long plan by the left to defund local police departments, esp. since his own veep’s family is invested in the plan.

Democrat Kamala Harris’s sister- Mya Harris- wrote the manual on defunding the police in 2003.

Biden may not like Kamala Harris, but he isn’t going to buck the system by ignoring a foundational issue for the radical far left, who- according to polls- are the only people left standing to support Biden.

Control over police departments is a tenant of the left’s Marxist Revolution, without these co-conspirators- Biden is all alone in the world.

Although Biden was once a part of the industry to get people into prison, screaming about “getting people off the streets”, he has recently been exposed for using the White House to support defunding the police.

Biden was caught hosting radical anti-police movements in the White House, in what looks like a throwback to his buddy the Community Organizer- Barack H. Obama.

That action is a drastic departure from the days when Biden said this:

So the ‘company line’  money has changed from getting people into prison to make a profit there- to defunding police departments, to make a profit there.

And Democrats are nothing, if not purebred promoters of cronyism- and Biden, who has spent over 50 years in the innermost circles of Washington DC ‘scratching’ other people’s backs- is no different at all in handing out favors and perks to his friends.

Support for defunding the police is expected from Biden, no matter what he says to the American people.

Good for Samantha Chang from the Western Journal for addressing Biden’s betrayal on the topic- for the American people.

In her recent article, While Biden Praises Police in Public, Look Who’s Been Quietly Showing Up at the White House , from Tuesday- Chang reported:

“Like his failed presidency, Joe Biden’s pro-police rhetoric is hollow political theater.

While the Biden administration has publicly distanced itself from the toxic “defund the police” movement amid terrifying nationwide crime waves, it has quietly hosted numerous “defund the police” activists, according to White House visitor logs viewed by Fox News.

In December, anti-police activist Carmen Rojas visited the White House, according to visitor logs.

Rojas, the race-hustling president of the leftist Marguerite Casey Foundation, has repeatedly called for abolishing the police.

Her Twitter feed is rife with rants against phantom “white supremacy” and tweets lionizing career criminal George Floyd, whose death in Minneapolis police custody ignited the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020.”

It is true, the Marguerite Casey Foundation  (MCF)is a hotbed of insurrection according to it’s website.

“It’s not enough for communities to be merely represented in our economy and democracy — they must be powerful enough to shape them. Marguerite Casey Foundation helps community leaders gain the freedom they need to lead, so their communities can gain the power they need to change how society works,” the site boasts

MCF’s rhetoric is very similar to the encouraging leftist talk that is focused on the usurpations of our Republic in a long march through our public institutions- including local police departments.

In the aforementioned  Mya Harris manual, “Organized for Change” from Policy Link,  the radical left- with their well-funded non-profits and Non-Government Organizations (NGO)  teaches street activists to ‘go around’ our system and use political theater and common tactics of bullying and political violence to get their revolutions against America started.

The group, MCF, is promoted by Carmen Rojas:

In her article, Chang does a deep dive into the people Biden is supporting and posted the proof of the radicalism that Biden is associating with:

“Rojas’ foundation has repeatedly called for abolishing the police and has awarded millions of dollars in grants to anti-police, socialist professors who want to eradicate the prison system, Fox News reported.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation also bankrolls divisive “anti-racist research” whose goal is essentially to blame all of society’s woes on sham “white supremacy” while infantilizing blacks as a group that cannot be held accountable for any crimes because of “racism.”

In July 2021, anti-police activist Rashad Robinson of the “racial justice” group Color of Change visited the White House for a meeting with Cedric Richmond, who was then a top Biden adviser,” Chang wrote.

In the 2003 Policy Link manual on how to bring about their desired change- Mya Harris wrote that her body of work:

“Contains strategies to help advocates move their police departments closer to a vision of community-centered policing.”

That is how Community Organizing on the left has always been about overthrowing the Republic where Americans vote for our government- in a historical system of ‘self-governance.’

The first thing a person learns in Community Organizing is that “Ultimate Power Corrupts, Ultimately,” and what America is waking up to is that Ultimate power is precisely what the left sells.

This is what he says- but watch what he does.

To be corrupt is just a perk of the job as a Democrat- and Joe Biden has perfected the word salad double speak.

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