Biden Makes Creepy Comment During AP Interview

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President Joe Biden rarely gives live interviews and is not known for his ability to speak well in conversation with reporters.

He has made questionable and creepy comments in the past, and a recent interview is no exception.

A transcript of an Oval Office interview Thursday with President Joe Biden with AP White House reporter Josh Boak has been released by AP.
Where the audio recording of the interview is unclear, ellipses or a notation that the recording was unintelligible are used, AP noted.

In the interview, Biden was complimenting the reporter about his objective reporting in the president’s first interview with a reporter in 126 days, The Associated Press reported.

Not used to recorded interviews, Biden asked, ‘is it working’ (a reference to the tape recorder).

AP: Yeah, we’re good.

During the interviews the reported asked Biden for answers about some of the issues that have arisen during his administration.

AP: So, let me ask about that, right, because you’ve seen the polls. There’s a lot of voters who are very pessimistic…

BIDEN: Well, if you notice, until gas prices started going up, which was about the same time, the University of Michigan survey, they had a very different view. Things were much more, they were much more optimistic. We came in and we started to grow the economy in significant ways. We were able to, ah, you know, go from 2 million shots in arms to 225 million. People were having access to dealing with the pandemic. We started opening up businesses, and opening up access to go back to work, etc. But then, in my experience, the way I was raised, if you want a direct barometer of what people are going to talk about at the kitchen table and the dining room table and whether things are going well, it’s the cost of food and what’s the cost of, of gasoline at the pump. I mean literally at the pump.

Biden: And if you notice, you know, uh, gasoline went up a, you know, $1.25 right off the bat, almost, when, the, Putin’s war started. Um, and as I said at the time, by the way, I made it clear with helping Ukraine, and organizing NATO to help Ukraine, that this was going to cost. There was going to be a price to pay for it. It was, this is not going to be cost-free, but we had, the option of doing nothing was worse. If he in fact moved into Ukraine, took hold of Ukraine, and Belarus, where it is, and he’s been a threat to NATO, all those things would have even been more dire.

AP: Why is that? Because it seems like you knew the risks on Ukraine with regard to higher gasoline prices …

BIDEN: Sure.

AP: … that carried political risks for you at home …

BIDEN: Sure.

Biden then bragged about the economy as inflation has been an issue, the fed raised interest rates and the stock market has crashed, Conservative Brief reported.

“I got 1.9 trillion dollars. Saved the economy. It used to be long lines, people in nice cars like we drive. Lined up just to get a box of food in their trunk,” the president said.

“People getting kicked out onto the street because they couldn’t pay the rent. Thousands and thousands of people. And guess what? It worked. Secondly, no, here’s the important point. The second piece of this is, that it also saw to it that we were able to provide for the funding for COVID, not only, not only the shots and the shots in arms, but also all the hospital costs. We were able to reduce the cost of insurance. My point is, people would say, “How can you get that done?” If I did, if any other president just passed that act, and the infrastructure bill, they’d say, ‘God almighty,’” he said. “Name me a president that’s done anything like that before. At the same time.”

The interview became really odd when he President was talking about the impact COVID had on Americans, and kids missing school when he strangely began talking about the reporter’s daughter when his eyebrow-raising comments began.

BIDEN: If you had, and instead of your child being, how old, five?

AP: Five.

BIDEN: Five years old. If your child had been 17 years old two years ago.

AP: I’m not ready for that.

BIDEN: Well get ready, man. Boy or girl?

AP: Girl.

BIDEN: Well I’ll tell you what, she’s gonna, she’s going to be crazy about you until about age 13. And then hang on. But all kidding aside, here’s the deal. Think about what it’s like for the graduating classes of the last three years. No proms. No graduation. No, no, none of the things that celebrate who we are. Think about it across the board. How isolated we’ve become. How separated we’ve become. Even practical questions like, you know, can you go out on a date? I mean (inaudible) the normal socialization, how does that take place? There’s overwhelming evidence it’s had a profound impact on the psyche of parents, children, across the board.

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