Biden Goes Off The Rails On TV With Bizarre Admission About His Family

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Given his ongoing issues with incoherence and errors, there is a good reason why Joe Biden doesn’t do many interviews. His staff has exerted every effort to either prevent him from speaking with the media or arrange for light-hearted interviews.

Biden just conducted a softball interview at the White House with British podcaster Jay Shetty, which I believe qualifies. Ironically, he was there with Shetty to discuss the Biden administration’s plans to address the mental health epidemic. Joe Biden might step down from his position and take care of himself as a start for the Democrats. But they won’t be going there, of course. I wish governments would give mental health more attention, but I don’t think Biden will take any significant action. Such things are simply another example of his “I care” marketing.

But even in a non-hard-hitting interview, Biden sounded unattractive. Biden sounded incredibly ancient and like he had a cold.

He also displayed some really unsettling behaviors, such as repeating the bogus conductor narrative about Amtrak. But this was particularly troubling because, in addition to being a fabrication, he also portrays conductor Angelo Negri as still being alive despite the fact that he passed away in 2014. Hear him say that stating his name will “not embarrass him.”

Are his people failing to inform him of the situation or inform him that he has been refuted? It certainly doesn’t appear to be. What’s worse is that even if they do tell him, he may still continue to do it.

But as he started rambling, it got worse. He related these two tales, the first one involving cufflinks and the second one including an odd answer to the query. Both of these leave you wondering, “What the heck is he talking about?”

Oh dear, here is the man who may have his finger on the trigger, and he can’t even give a complete response to a question. After the reply, Shetty’s face is shown.

His family also seemed to be aware of the issue with him. He said that they would attach notes to his mirror to communicate with him.

That has been perceived by some as an acknowledgment of his mental illness.

What was alarming wasn’t only the rambling or the preoccupation with the living after death. He was attempting to sell us some bullshit about himself and his family.

He also mentioned how the best piece of advice given to him was to “show up.” However, he has failed to “show up” for a great number of people on a great number of issues, including the residents of East Palestine, Ohio.

He also neglected to attend the birthday party for his four-year-old granddaughter, who was raised by his son Hunter and Lunden Roberts. She has been ignored by him ever since she was born, but he only just this week acknowledged her in a statement to People Magazine that was published late on a Friday. You couldn’t conceive a remark that was more simple.

However, it appeared as though he had turned a switch during the conversation with Shetty. He explained to him that he has “seven grandchildren,” of which he has daily contact with the five oldest. In spite of the fact that he hasn’t spoken to her at all, he is making an effort to appear as though he hasn’t been saying “six” and that he is in communication with them.

For his grandkids, Biden added, “being there” is just so “important and makes such a difference.”

He hasn’t supported Navy, though. This was his response when it was discovered that she was his granddaughter in November 2019.

You can see his blazing anger as he was so outraged that anyone would dare to inquire about her. If looks could kill, Fox actor Peter Doocy, who posed the question, would have been sprawled over the floor.

They still won’t even let the child have the Biden name, and even now, after doing the bare minimum to avoid criticism (and aid himself in the race), he still promises to see her “when the time is right.” Some “being there” for her, but not even letting her use your name. And I suppose that since 2019, the timing hasn’t been ideal. He must have been taking quite a hit if he was finally obliged to acknowledge her after all this time, thus the polling on the topic had to be fairly poor.

Even while his rambling is annoying, the icy and cruel side of him that you can see toward his granddaughter is perhaps worse.


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