Biden Family To Soak Americans Again By Hosting Wedding At The White House

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The grifting Biden crime family wants Americans to suffer even more than they are.

As many around the country can’t afford to heat their homes because of skyrocketing inflation and fuel prices, the Bidens are going to host a wedding at the White House and show all the poor people exactly what they will never have. Lots of money got from shady business deals in foreign countries because Hunter sold access to his father, “the big guy” Joe Biden.

At the White House, preparations are underway for a grand wedding featuring dancing, dessert, and the walk down the aisle of a presidential granddaughter.

Naomi Biden, Hunter Biden’s daughter and the oldest granddaughter of Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, will get married to Peter Neal, at the 19th White House wedding on Saturday.

It is very costly to hold a White House wedding. This is because the Secret Service conducts background checks on all guests, and security screenings before people walk into the building. The Bidens say they are paying for the wedding, but the massive Secret Service detail and work in on us taxpayers.

White House staff preparing the South Lawn for Naomi’s wedding

“Saturday’s event will consist of three parts, a source familiar with the planning told the 11 a.m. ceremony on the South Lawn; followed by a private lunch for family and the wedding party in the White House; and an evening of dessert and dancing, which will also take place in the White House,” the Daily Mail reported.

Overseeing their big day is event planner Bryan Rafanelli, who designed Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and several state dinners for President Barack Obama. He is also a big time to donor to Democratic candidates.

But the cost can be pricey. A Rafanelli wedding runs from $250,000 to $1 million, according to wedding websites. 

As for Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding, Rafanelli said: ‘We had to liaise with the Secret Service for the president, as well as then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic security, and then we had our own security company. With all of this security, it was like a military operation, but we still wanted to be respectful to the town where it was being held.’

And a wedding at the White House has complications that others do not. Every person entering the grounds has to give their Social Security number and date of birth for a background check. At the entrance to get onto the grounds are magnetometers and x-ray screenings for bags.

Otherwise, the White House has released few details about the wedding, other than to say the Biden family is paying for it.  (Except for the massive Secret Service bill, of course)

Naomi Biden, 28, is the president’s oldest grandchild and close to the first couple. She is the daughter of Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle, who divorced in 2017.

And the setup continues. She’s on hand to answer any pre-wedding questions. 

She and fiance Peter Neal, 25, are reported to be living in the White House. Otherwise she works as a lawyer in Washington D.C. and Neal, who worked in Democratic politics, just graduated from law school and works at Georgetown Law.

Photos Naomi Biden has posted on her Instagram show it’s good to be related to corrupt politicians. The vast majority of us will never see the kind of wealth the Biden family has obtained because Joe has been grifting in politics all his life. They are living it up while Americans have lost their retirement savings and pay through the nose for everything under Biden’s regime.

Biden’s granddaughters Naomi (center) and Finnegan (right) attended the Ralph Lauren fashion show in New York City in March with Naomi’s fiancé, Peter Neal (left)

“The last wedding to take place at the White House was on October 19, 2013, when President Barack Obama’s photographer Pete Souza married Patti Lease in the Rose Garden. Obama attended,” according to the Mail.

The last family weddings were when on May 28, 1994 when Anthony Rodham – Hillary Clinton’s brother – married Nicole Boxer during Bill Clinton’s tenure.

First daughter Tricia Nixon married Ed Cox in the Rose Garden on June 12, 1971 in one of the more famous White House weddings. Her father, President Richard Nixon, walked her down the aisle.

Yesterday we reported, “GOP leaders claim that Democrat President Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s controversial foreign business deals, which allegedly span 50 different countries, proving a massive conflict of interest, so this is about to get very interesting for Democrats.”

Joe Biden has long denied involvement in and knowledge of his son’s foreign dealings, which have been under investigation for years.

Rep. James Comer accused President Biden, in a brutal smackdown, of being ‘chairman of the board’ of his family’s business dealings and even claimed the White House spent taxpayer funds of more than $250,000 to deflect negative stories about Hunter and his bizarre behavior and corruption.

‘This is an investigation of Joe Biden,’ he said. ‘I think we’ve laid out the evidence as to why we feel it’s important, and we’re going to move forward with that.’

Comer said later, ‘We’re trying to stay focused on – was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he compromised?’ adding that he’d even like members of the Biden family to testify before the House when asked, but said the main focus of their probe right now was to access bank records.

Hunter’s father, the current installed president, has always said that he knows nothing about his son’s overseas business deals. Which of course is a load of horse dookey.

Legal experts say the emergence of President Biden’s voicemail from 2018 about Hunter Biden’s China business activities raises questions about the federal investigation of the first son. At the same time, Republican lawmakers are promising congressional hearings.

According to former Justice Department prosecutor Jim Trusty, the case is “a huge integrity test” for both the FBI and the Attorney General.

“Will they walk away from powerful evidence? Will they come up with a soft plea — like a tax charge — that does not remotely capture the actual wrongdoing?” he asked.

“Or will they treat Hunter Biden like any other white-collar defendant in the federal system?”

That’s part of what the latest news is about. Will the feds prosecute, or will they show favoritism to Hunter because of his father?

“Emails, text messages, and photographs published by are among a wealth of evidence that prosecutors could use at trial if Hunter Biden is charged with tax crimes and lying on gun purchase documents,” the Daily Mail reported.

The FBI believes it has enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with failure to declare income from his foreign business deals and a failure to declare he was a drug addict on a gun application, sources told The Washington Post…

Agents told the Post they assembled enough evidence for a criminal case against the First Son ‘months ago’ – and the decision to charge now lies with federal prosecutors.

The agents claim they have sufficient proof that Hunter failed to declare income from his overseas business dealings to the IRS.


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