Biden Busted On Hot Mic After Hunter Indictment

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This has been a bad week for the Biden crime family, as Daddy Biden faces impeachment and Hunter, the son, was indicted on gun charges. Normally, that would be a scandal, but in 2023, these moves are actually to softball some severe criminal activity- as most Americans suspect.

According to polling, Americans are very suspicious about how the government and the media are handling the Biden family’s massive scandals.

According to members of the House, there are 22 pieces of evidence against Biden. The corruption that has been exposed sounds severe, but the media and the DOJ are ignoring the Oversight Committee’s investigations and claims.

About half of Americans say they have little or no confidence that the Justice Department is handling its investigation into Hunter Biden in a fair and nonpartisan way, and 1 in 3 are highly concerned about whether President Joe Biden may have committed wrongdoing related to his son’s business dealings, according to a new poll. But the political divide is stark.

Sixty-six percent of Republicans — and just 7% of Democrats — are very or highly concerned about whether Joe Biden committed wrongdoing regarding his son’s business dealings, according to the poll from The Associated Press.

And Hunter’s Daddy, POTUS Joe Biden, is just grinding away as if nothing is happening in a very sickening way. Independent media had picked up on the strange behavior of President Biden from Thursday when the announcement was made about Hunter’s latest tango with law enforcement.

Hunter Biden was indicted on Thursday on three charges stemming from allegedly false statements he made when buying a firearm in 2018, which is really nothing at all compared to the huge amount of alleged criminal activity that needs to be investigated.

According to media reports from Mediaite, following his remarks, Joe Biden was interacting with the crowd after stepping down from the stage after his speech. The loud music at the venue cut out for a brief moment when reporters fielded questions at him over the indictment of his son.

A hot mic at President Joe Biden’s speech caught him being peppered with questions about the news over Hunter being indicted, Mediaite noticed.

News broke Thursday afternoon that Special Counsel Davis Weiss has secured a grand jury indictment against Hunter and Joe Biden behaved as if he thought it was a joke.

Biden gave his speech at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland- and it was supposed to be a campaign cornerstone that the White House billed as a speech on Bidenomics.

During one section of the speech, Biden dropped a joke that seemed to be a reference to the news, obviously trying to minimize the seriousness of it all.

Here is what Biden said, according to the Independent:

“Now we have the fastest economic growth from the pandemic of any world economy. We have the lowest inflation rate among the major economies. We have a lot more to do, though, and I’m going to get those gas prices down again, I promise you!

But seriously… We’re living through one of the greatest job creation periods in our history. And folks, it’s not an accident. It’s not an accident. That literally is our economic plan in action. Bidenomics in action. Let me close with this; I know we could talk about a lot more. I wish I had a chance to answer all your questions, but I will get real trouble if I do that.”

The crowd laughed, and Biden went on:

“But all kidding aside, we face some pretty tough times in recent years. But America didn’t give up. America never gives up!”

After the speech, the NBC News live feed showed the president mingling with the crowd as loud music played, drowning out the sound until the feed cut out. But several minutes later, it resumed, and in a brief moment when the music stopped, the microphones picked up reporters asking the president for his reaction to the news.

Biden did not respond but smiled throughout his interactions after the speech.

“President Joe Biden, any reaction on Hunter Biden’s indictment?” a voice from the crowd asked.

Biden did not respond but continued to smile as he interacted with the audience members.

More media reports show that Biden appeared to joke about the news during his speech by saying, “there’s a lot more I know we could talk about.”

“We’re living through one of the greatest job creation periods in our history. And folks, it’s not an accident. It’s not an accident. That literally is our economic plan in action. Bidenomics in action,” he said.

“Let me close with this, and there’s a lot more I know we could talk about. I wish I had a chance to take all your questions, but I’m going to get real trouble if I do that.”

Here is the NBC coverage:


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