Biased AT&T Immediately Blocks Hit New Conservative Site Then Warns Users

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The hit new citizen journalist news site that we reported on last week,, grew in such popularity among anti-censorship users/readers that the site immediately landed in the crosshairs of agenda-ridden telecommunications giant AT&T. Within in a matter of just a couple of days from when the site went live last week, AT&T stepped in to stop their paying customers from reading news they didn’t want Americans having access to.

A user at “The Ronald”, who is an AT&T customer, posted a memo on to let people know what she had just experienced when trying to access the site. When it was suddenly no longer available to her, she contacted AT&T to determine what the problem was or if there was a glitch in their system. What she found out from an AT&T employee was there was no accident, in fact, it was intentional and sinister on AT&T’s part.

The site user contacted to inform the platform that they were intentionally being blocked by AT&T’s “Active Armor” system, which the telecom employee ultimately acknowledged was “inside sabotage.”

A screenshot of the email describing the situation was sent to Republic Brief. You can also hear the voice memo from the AT&T customer HERE, which the user posted to (the user’s private email information has been redacted for privacy).

Another ‘Ronald’ user commented on the post providing insight as to why AT&T may be motivated to do such a thing:

While overt censorship is not a new tactic the left and their ally corporations use to control the narrative and ultimately the American people, it seems to go into overdrive leading up to an election. With the midterms just a few weeks away, when Republicans are projected to take back the majority, the stakes are high for Democrats who are desperate to remain in control.

There’s a four-word phrase that terrifies the DC establishment and that’s “Power of the People.” It’s up to concerned citizens to take our country back and make your voices heard. Free Speech was created as the FIRST Amendment for a reason and we have to fight for it if we want to keep it.

It’s time to take our hard-earned and thinly stretched dollars away from corporations who want to control you, what you have access to, and tell you how to live your life. Americans are more stressed out and financially strapped than many have been in their lifetimes due to the consequences of the last election that led to unbearable inflation making the cost of living more expensive than ever.

As it stands, and is projected to be for the remainder of Biden’s time in office, the “American Dream” is dead. However, that can all be changed if better voting decisions are made in the midterms polls as well as the 2024 presidential election. This can only be done by being informed, without bias or “big brother” controlling the narrative of what you read and see. That’s why is so critical. It’s not just free for people to use, but it’s REAL freedom of speech driven by citizen journalists like you. This is part of Power to the People that the left is clearly so afraid of.

Don’t get desensitized to the constant censorship. While this AT&T “Active Armor” blocking may seem like just another instance of big tech playing big brother, there’s a far bigger issue at hand. Your future is at stake. This is modern day book burning which didn’t bode well for people in the past.


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