Bannon Returns to Fed Courthouse a SECOND Time – Goes Nuclear

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Former top advisor for President Trump Steve Bannon was back in court today. It comes a day after a judge rejected his bid to have the criminal contempt of Congress charges against him dropped. The charges were brought because he refused to comply with a subpoena issued by the Democrat-run January 6 committee “investigating” the violence at the Capitol Building last year.

Prior to court proceedings yesterday, Bannon said that the would be a “populist uprising” made up of “Hispanics, African Americans, and working-class people,” that would sweep the coming elections.

His prediction rings true as we saw Republican Mayra Flores flip a long-held Democratic House seat in South Texas on Tuesday.

Flores said about her historic win, “The Democrat Party has been in control here in South Texas for over 100 years and feel entitled to our vote. They feel they don’t have to do anything to earn our vote. And we sent a strong message to Washington, and we sent a strong message to Democrat Party that you have to get to work. If not, you’re going to get voted out.”

Bannon, knowing the news about Flores, continued, “We’re winning everywhere, we’re gonna get 55 to 60% of the Hispanic vote this November, we’re gonna get 50% of the African American male vote this November.”

Kari Donovan reported on Bannon’s pre-court speech for Republic Brief yesterday:

“Look, I want to thank the J6 Committee hearing for casting me today because you know why? Their ratings stink, and they can not compete with the trial of Bannon. Ok? That is why they cast me today,” Bannon said, just getting wound up into the start of his flame-throwing.

“Do you know who said that? The people in the Rio Grande Valley, the Hispanic Americans who blew out the Democrat Party last night. Just as I have been saying, they won a Congressional seat. By 84%, a mostly Hispanic community elected a Republican in a seat that has been Democrat since Reconstruction-since the Civil War. And they lost last night because of the Democrat Party,” Bannon said, referring to the devastating loss of a valued Democrat voter base- to Republican Mayra Flores.

The former Trump advisor went on, “I believe that we will destroy the Democratic Party as a national political institution.”

Bannon addressed reporters again today before heading back into court.

After his lawyer addressed the media, Bannon went nuclear in hypersonic fashion.

“I look forward to having Nancy Pelosi and little Jimmy Raskin and shifty Schiff in here at trial answering questions,” speaking of those who issued the contempt of Congress charges against him.

Bannon continued, speaking of Flores’ win, “You saw last night in the Rio Grande Valley. This Democratic House is gone. They’re going to get wiped out this November.”

Launching a strike at the Democrat-run J6 committee he predicted, “The new House is going to have a real investigation. We’re going to get to the bottom of it. Every involvement of the FBI, every involvement of every FBI asset, what happened to Ashli Babbitt, all of it. It’s all going to come out. And it’s going to come out starting next January.”

After Bannon concluded, you can hear a frail, old hippie (probably a Bernie supporter) yelling that he is a “traitor.”


Bannon stayed around longer to answer questions before court proceedings yesterday.

Kari Donovan covered his back-and-forth with a reporter:

“You are witnessing a political realignment like 1932 and we will govern for 100 years after we win 100 seats and it started last night,” Bannon said.

The haughty reporter continued on with his line of questioning, “Do you want to rule as a one-party kind of ah… total government.. ”

Bannon jumped in, “no! no-no-no.. ”

“To destroy the Democrat Party?..” the reporter asked.

“No..” Bannon replied.

Bannon returned to the question and resigned himself to say- with a sigh, “Well I believe we will destroy the Democrat party as a national political institution,” hinting that it is not he who is destroying the Democrat Party.

Bannon went on, ” you will have the squad and the Progressive Party and you will have the neo-liberal/ neo-Cons that the Jan 6th Committee is. You will have Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger on one side and you will have Shifty-Schiff and Swalwell on the other and Neo-Cons that represent Wall St,” Bannon told the inquisitive reporter.

“The Squad” refers to a group of highly questionable radicals who were professionally trained in the tactics of usurpation and who have infiltrated the US House of Reps- with an aim on taking down the American Republic. The group appears to be the soul of the Democrat Party.

“This is a Populist uprising of Hispanics and African Americans and other working-class people of this country, and it is before us. And you can see it in the Rio Grande Valley. Don’t take it from Steve Bannon; take it from your own eyes,” Bannon said, explaining it to the reporter.

“Yeah..” the reporter said.

Then Bannon leaned in – as the master showman- and said: “Hey GETTR, this is America justice, this is the American court system. We have an advocacy court system. To everyone in China we have your back every second of the day. See you guys…”

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