Bannon Makes Massive Prediction That Sends Shockwaves Through Democrat Party

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Steve Bannon is the top undisputed leader of the Populist Movement that has forced so many changes at the activist level for Republicans since President Donald J. Trump was elected.

Bannon’s show, the War Room Podcast, has been seen by millions of the action-oriented supporters of Trump, and because of Bannon, these patriots have been inspired. They have been catapulted into a strategic position to make powerful impacts on the Republican Party.

And those same people are getting proponents of Bannon’s Economic Nationalism and America First candidates into races at every level of government and ready to win.  That is what the left fears.

Because of Bannon and his associates, the power behind Trump has been amplified in the GOP, and both the left and right are freaking out. It could be the end of the Uni-Party, which the establishment has all enjoyed for so long.

Reading the recent lapdog news stories about the power of the Precinct Project, a pet project of the War ROom audience is enlightening about what Bannon’s opponents are so afraid of unfolding in 2022.

Bannon and his regular guest, Dan Schultz of, have helped ordinary people transform the America First movement into action.

Schultz has a book, How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again, that has helped many people get into the most essential position in politics- the local neighborhood organizer- or the Precinct leader. 

And Bannon understands tactics.

The Precinct Project, promoted by Schultz, and endorsed now by President Donald J. Trump, uses the exact same tactics from 2007 as described in the book about Barack Obama’s campaign, Groundbreakers on how Obama won elections.

So Turnabout is fair play- right? Not always- according to the lapdog media.

Not to the left who are in a meltdown over the idea of regular old- common Americans participating in civics, as if their citizenship has value and meaning or something.

No- the left is not happy, and the RINOS are not pleased.

What they all fear deep down is that Bannon is mobilized and right- right as in correct.  No matter what sort of lawfare they throw at Bannon, he is laser-focused on this transformation and seeing results.

And now Bannon is leveling up and making some projections. He says Democrat President Joe Biden will be impeached.

The New York Post reported on Wednesday:

From their article: Former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon believes President Biden will face impeachment over the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border as well as the infamous laptop belonging to his son, Hunter Biden.

“I strongly believe Biden will be impeached by the House after thorough investigation,” Bannon said in a recent interview on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” podcast set to air Thursday.

“Not like they tried to do with President Trump,” he explained. “I think the first article will be his initiation and exacerbation of the invasion on the Southern border. I think the Hunter Biden laptop will be another, all the aspects of that. And I think Fauci and what they knew about Fauci, CDC, FDA with health from the American people will be the third.

“And I do believe that Joe Biden will be impeached,” Bannon said.

The former Trump adviser did note that he doesn’t believe Biden would be removed from office following a House impeachment vote, due to there not being enough votes in the Senate.

“But I do believe that Biden will be impeached after a thorough and complete investigation, not this political operation that the Democrats did,” he said, referring to the impeachment trials of his former boss.

Of course, that is why the Uniparty, who are in a powerful position to push back on Bannon, are trying to shut him down.

Lawfare Blog reported, on Wednesday, on the tactics to stop Bannon:

The House of Representatives recently asked the Justice Department to prosecute Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino for the statutory crime of contempt of Congress. It had previously sought the prosecution of Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon for the same crime. These four had advised President Trump as he sought to overturn the 2020 presidential election, and all had refused to comply with subpoenas issued by the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack.

All the Uniparty and their lawfare really did was help make Bannon one of the most powerful men in politics.  Everyone wants to know what Bannon is saying.

Newsweek reported on Wednesday on more of Bannon’s projections:

“Right-wing strategist and podcaster Steve Bannon blasted Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray, who was nominated by former President Donald Trump, contending that he would face prosecution and prison.”

Real Clear Politics reported on Wednesday on Bannon:

“STEVE BANNON (HOST): Justice Alito, he’s from Jersey, and he went full Tony Soprano on Roe v. Wade today. Absolutely unbelievable… Boy, kind of hysterical, isn’t she? Don’t mean to kind of make an observation, but screeching, she essentially announced her race, her candidacy for 2024, right there on the steps of the Supreme Court, she’s making a big play, that she’s going to fight for this, “We are not going back”, well you went back, you got sent back, and you are back, OK, before this ridiculous law became law and Alito just completely destroyed it. You don’t see anybody arguing against – or anybody real – trying to make an argument against his legal logic.”

Bannon’s words have meaning and the political establishment does not want to accept those facts.

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