Bannon Drops New Bombshell On Hunter Biden

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The impeachment of Joe Biden and a major investigation into Fauci are imminent according to Steve Bannon, former Trump White House advisor, in an interview with anchor Sharri Markson.

In the interview, Bannon offered information and answered questions about not one but THREE items to be investigated and offered as evidence for the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

More evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop led Bannon to say, “Joe Biden WILL be impeached after we take back the House in November” during the interview.

Markson reported that an article in The Hill claims “at least a dozen Republicans are pushing to impeach Joe Biden” should the Republicans gain control of the House in the upcoming November elections, which Bannon assured Markson they will.

In regard to Hunter Biden’s laptop, Marson quoted the New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN saying that the laptop is “legitimate” and that there is now a DOJ investigation into tax evasion and money laundering, contrary to earlier reports by the same media which dismissed or censored the accusations about the information found on the laptop.

Markson noted that liberal media has “gone to great lengths to distance Joe Biden from the allegations surrounding his son Hunter Biden, and his brother as well, “but are now doing an about-face in their position on the “facts”.

In this exclusive interview with Markson, Bannon said “The second item of impeachment will be around everything regarding the hard drive on this laptop from hell because this information shows the compromise of Biden by the Chinese Communist party.”

Bannon continued, “Your viewers would be stunned at the amount of detail, the corruption by the Biden crime family,” including wire transfers, checks, and money taken by Joe Biden himself from the Communist Party.

Bannon relates that information from the laptop indicates that Joe Biden himself took 50% of some transactions as well as a 10% cut in CEFC transactions.

Biden also is on record, Bannon said, as lying about his part and profit in those specific transactions showing the “compromise of Joe Biden by the Chinese Communist Party.” Bannon added, “He took the money and he lied about it.”

Markson asked about the former 51 intelligence officials individuals who signed a statement saying that the laptop was “Russian disinformation,” which is now known to be a false statement.

Bannon replied that he thinks those individuals will all be first “stripped of their security clearances,” which facilitate their consultant businesses.

The former advisor to President Trump also said that “these people are the worst scum in America. These people sat there and lied to the American people and said that this was Russian disinformation when it was not.”

Markson then asked Bannon about whistleblower Jack Maxey, who along with Bannon was kicked off Twitter for posting information from the hard drive, and who is now is trying to recover even more information from the drive.

Bannon replied that Maxey is in Zurich Switzerland still working with the hard drive and its information, relating that Maxey has recovered 350 GB out of a possible 450 GB this past year. Bannon stated that still to be released are 80,000 Photos on the drive which are “not for family viewing.”

“Hunter Biden “is a depraved individual,” Bannon said, and referred to the photos as “pornography” and called the information “mind blowing.”

Bannon stated that during and after the impeachment there will be accountability by the tech giants, “lead by Facebook and Twitter” who suppressed and censored stories and comments about the laptop’s information. He indicated that the release of the truth about the suppressed statements means these tech giants will be under “enormous pressure.”

Bannon said that the first item of impeachment will be the invasion of our southern border, and the third impeachment item will be about Fauci and the role he played in the Wuhan lab funding.


Bannon assured that Congress will do a formal, detailed, brutal investigation into the role Fauci played and the fact that Joe Biden “suppressed his (Fauci’s) role” in the Wuhan lab.

He also indicated that during and after the impeachment there will be a “thorough and brutal” investigation not, he indicated, like the farcical Trump impeachment proceedings but a true formal investigation.

Bannon indicated all will be set in motion after the Republicans triumph in the November elections. There will be a “sweeping victory,” Bannon said emphatically. He also said that Donald Trump will “definitely” run for U.S. President again in 2024.

“I think you can see from his speeches at his rallies- he’s definitely running, Bannon told host Sharri Markson.
“Trump’s running and Trump is going to win” he stated.

Steve Bannon served as the White House’s chief strategist during the Trump Administration during the first seven months of Trump’s term.

Walkley Award-winning Australian journalist and host of the interview with Bannon Sharri Markson is the author of “What Really Happened In Wuhan, A virus Like No Other, Countless Infections, Millions Of Deaths.

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