Bannon Demands Arizona Refuse To Certify Election After Massive Election Errors Discovered

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The left is doing everything it can to foil those who are calling for election integrity as a major race for governor has just been called.

The election for Arizona governor has been called for Democrat Katie Hobbs, who is literally the AZ Secretary of State and oversaw the counting processes. The voting procedures saw massive failures, especially in Maricopa County, shockingly, where there were major problems in the 2020 presidential election.

The ultra-left Media Matters for America (MMfA) did a hit piece on Steve Bannon who just called for the Arizona governor’s race not to be certified.

Here’s the garbage that MMfA had to say about Bannon’s call for election integrity and answers to what happened in Arizona.

“Echoing the stolen election rhetoric that led to the deadly January 6 insurrection, former Trump strategist and podcaster Steve Bannon and his guests are now calling for Arizona election officials to refuse to certify the midterm election results.”

The MMfA article went on: “Bannon was instrumental in plotting the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and often discussed his plans on his show, War Room: Pandemic. Bannon is again pushing the same dangerous rhetoric claiming that Democrats stole an election. This exact conspiracy theory is what led droves of MAGA supporters to attempt to stop the 2020 presidential election certification.”

Since MMfA is full of crap, we decided to transcribe part of Bannon’s War Room show where he spoke with True the Vote leaders Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht who were recently released from jail.

According to the Texas Tribune “They’d been held for contempt of court since Halloween, having repeatedly refused to release the name of a man they called a “confidential FBI informant” who is a person of interest in a defamation and hacking case against them.”

Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht

Here’s the transcription where Bannon and the True the Vote leaders call for the AZ race not to be certified.

Bannon opened the show saying, “It’s horrific, but, We got a chance, we got some leverage the debt ceiling and a majority in the House of Representatives. We’re going to go now to an absolutely embarrassing fiasco that’s playing out in front of the world on the world stage yes that would be the election in Arizona that is day-by-day being stolen from Kari Lake.”

Bannon Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht are not people that kneel to anybody but Christ.

I want to go back to Katherine for a second. Catherine I met you I think 12, 13 maybe 14 years ago. King Street Tea Party Patriots. But then you quickly you turned that into because you guys realize right down in Houston I think it was. You guys realized right away ‘hey there is something not right about these elections,’ right?

This is Texas and nobody’s thinking about Texas going Blue or anything like that. You formed True the Vote. You and Greg have worked on this for over a decade. I use to go down to your seminars and talk 12 years ago and you guys were into the details in the weeds about what’s happening.

Give us your assessment ma’am, now that you’ve been sprung from jail, give us your assessment of the situation in Arizona as you see it as an expert in elections ma’am.

Engelbrecht: The fraud has been institutionalized. The engineered chaos that was… remains to be seen whose hand was at the wheel when the tabulator settings were changed or who was getting the direction on where Door 3 ballots should be placed and it was different polling place to polling place to polling place to keep voters away. The process is so fundamentally broken and why we are not out as advocates of Liberty why we are not out with lawsuits all over the place already to stop this madness I’m not certain, but that’s what we intend to find out here now on the ground and hopefully, things are going to change back. But fraud has been institutionalized and we need to WAKE up, because, it’s not going to get any better.


Bannon: Greg can you jump in here before we go to break in a minute? I’ma hold you guys through the break. Jim Hoft and others, I have to have a lot of other people coming on.

Engineered chaos. They started the week, they started Tuesday morning with Mr. Rogers coming out saying hey we have a great day but 26% of our voting centers the machine, one of every 5 ballots is not going through and then just kind of some airy-fairy thing that people have 3 hour, 2 1/2 and 3 hour waits is that what you refer to, is that what Catherine referred to, engineered chaos? Is that we’re talking about?

Phillips: Yeah absolutely right, Steve. The challenge that they’re facing down here as the people were literally turned away. People were disenfranchised, they were told to get out of line, they were told to leave. We learned last night, we had something like fifteen hundred calls to Catherine’s election integrity hotline. People were telling us things that were just almost unbelievable. Just put them in, you know Door 3 over here and everything will be okay. We learned last night that as those boxes began to fill out they told him just to throw him into a Tupperware box and they will count them later. People were literally walking away and never got to vote. We got disenfranchisement. We’ve got not just a broken process, but a process designed to steal and not to mention the fact of course that you have Katie Hobbs, depending on where this thing goes, maybe certifying the, our own stolen election. How can it be?

Engelbrecht: We have to stop the certification.

Bannon: Yes we have to stop the certification.


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