All Hell Breaks Loose Live On MSNBC With Hunter’s Lawyer

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Abbe Lowell, the legal representative of Hunter Biden, appeared on MSNBC in an attempt to mitigate the negative implications associated with his client’s past actions. He ultimately expressed that specific issues, such as the receipt of payment by his client from foreign nations, were beyond the comprehension of the typical American citizen. The individual provided a defense for Hunter’s profitable business transactions, attributing them to Mr. Biden’s talent, education, and experience rather than just familial association.

Joe Scarborough begins the conversation by inquiring, “What did Hunter Biden think he was getting that $7 million for? Why would he be getting paid so much money?” Hunter’s lawyer responded, “STOP with your $7 million and talk about how many years that Hunter has been in business and what happened each of those specific years. When you [Joe] say it that way people think that someone just sent him a check for $7 million on April the 1st.”

Then Scarborough intervened, saying to Lowell, “Help me out again…we have numbers being thrown around. The $7 million is actually not what [House Oversight Committee chairman] Comer [R-KY] is saying. Comer has a much higher – much more elevated – number. I guess the Washington Post reported it was $7 million. What is the $7 million over and how many countries did it come from?”

Lowell retorted, “Well okay, well first off it is much more complicated than to say it comes from countries. There are joint ventures between American entities and in one or two occasions a potential foreign entity to create the possibility of jobs and energy in the United States. That’s too complicated to try to explain but I can answer the question that you asked in the following way. Over the time that he was in business- this is again something that people ought to pay attention to – Hunter Biden went to Georgetown University, he went to Yale Law School, was on the board of directors of a bank, was on the board of directors of Amtrack, he is somebody who worked in an international law firm.”

You can watch the entire discussion between the lawyer and the somewhat dubious MSNBC anchor here:

“People seem to forget this is not the person who is simply out there having people write checks for no reason. He is a capable, educated, [and] experienced person. Now, if Congress wants to say wait does he get opportunities because his last name is Biden than they should look to themselves. I mean Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) wife is on a commission in West Virginia where Congress had provided an enormous amount of funds,” said Lowell.


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