Adam Kinzinger Hit With Cease And Desist For Abusing His Position To Attack Private Citizen

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), a retiring RINO January 6 Committee member who says he is devoted to rebuilding ‘Democracy,’ received a cease and desist demand recently from Conservative strategist Alex Bruesewitz after a public controversy unfolded on Twitter.

Kinzinger is being accused of abusing his power as a sitting member of the highly political US House committee on the events of Jan. 6th, 2021.

Kinzinger is a sitting US Rep, and Brueswitz is a pro-Trump political strategist and CEO of X Strategies LLC and is a private citizen.

Kinzinger has made threats that he will release information about Brueseitz, who has been targeted and summoned to testify by the Jan. 6th Committee.

According to news reports, the pointed Twitter attacks by Kinzinger started an argument between the two when Bruesewitz claimed Kinzinger defamed him by publishing some details of the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.

Bruesewitz appeared on Newsmax recently to give his side, adding that he has employees and that Kinzinger has put a ‘target on his back for investigation’ and also continued to discredit him, as Kinzinger claimed Bruesewitz did not have employees, as stated on the company’s PPP loan.

Kinzinger made these claims because the names of Brieseqitz’s employees were not on the business website.

“I put myself out there to defend my country from radical leftists, but not all my employees want to be public that doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” Bruesewitz told Newsmax audiences.


Before Kinzinger took stabs at Bruesweitz, there was a political back and forth going on over messy partisan politics between a very soft Republican and an America First-MAGA Conservative.

Then Kinzinger went in for a nasty punch that seemed highly aggressive considering the previous back and forth.

Kinzinger brought up that Bruesewitz had  COVID pandemic funds, and Kinzinger then used that information to make false claims against Bruesewitz.

Kinzinger taunted Bruesewitz, apparently trying to deflect from Brueswwitz’s questioning of Kinzinger’s support of radical Democrat Joe Biden’s targeting of Conservatives.

The following  exchange happened after Kinziner posted a rebuke of  Conservative Republicans in support and encouragement of a New York Times article about the political raid on the Florida family home of President Donald J. Trump:

Then the back and forth began and looked like this:

KINZINGER: “Every Republican owns these words unless they explicitly denounce them. Every one. You can’t call Trump your leader and pretend you didn’t hear them. This is un-American.”

BRUESEWITZ: “You praised Joe Biden for calling 75 Million Americans “enemies of the state,” but you’re angry that Trump criticized the corrupt & completely weaponized FBI & DOJ? , you have issues man.

KINZINGER: “Alex did you pay back your PPP loan despite having no employees?” Kinzinger posted.

Then Kinzinger oddly posted a screenshot from Brueswitz’s company documents.

“Kinzinger claimed the GOP strategist had no employees then and published a screenshot of a website showing Bruesewitz received $25,000 in a PPP loan for payroll.

Then on  Monday, Bruesewitz “strongly” suggested that the congressman retract his statement and issue an apology for “deliberately & maliciously” defaming him.

“When my company received a PPP Loan, I was 23 & employed 2 people full-time Today, I am 25 years old & employ 10 people,” Bruesewitz wrote on social media.

Bruesewitz said that Kinzinger went after a private citizen by claiming he had defrauded the U.S. government out of money when he accepted the PPP loans to pay his employees. “Only problem is, he knew I had employees. My attorney, @JeffClarkUS has sent Kinzinger a Cease & Desist,” he said.

“Attached below you will find the full 7 page Cease & Desist / Retraction demand that my General Counsel, @JeffClarkUS, sent to Congressman @AdamKinzinger,” the GOP strategist added. “We are giving Kinzinger 5 days to retract his defamatory statement & issue me a public apology.”

“In the letter, the attorney accused the congressman of deceptively editing evidence to support his claim that Bruesewitz had no employees, despite Bruesewitz claiming he did,” Breitbart News reported.

The argument went on from there:

“You deliberately cut off your screen shot of the information about X Strategies LLC” to leave out the part that states the small business had two employees at the time it applied for a PPP loan, the letter said.

On Tuesday, Bruesewitz threatened the congressman with “legal action” if he did not retract his statement, which the strategist claimed was defamatory.

Kinzinger then hid behind his idea that Bruesewitz is a ‘public figure’ and made more threats of future retaliation.

So apparently, RINO ‘Crying’ Kinzinger is ok with attacks on people who he deems as public figures. It is doubtful that anyone is crying over his retirement.

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