ABC News Correspondent is Epically Trolled by MAGA fan Outside Trump’s Speech

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ABC News correspondent Barbara Miller was trolled by a supporter of President Donald J. Trump when she went on air to report on Trump’s Tuesday announcement from Mar-a-Lago that he would run for President of the United States again,  and the other mainstream media reporters are not laughing about the situation at all.

Trump made his much-anticipated announcement Tuesday evening before his family, many of his supporters, and the world media.  Supporters of Trump had gathered around the property to show their support of Trump, whose entire family has been assaulted by the ‘deep state’ for years- over Trump’s determined America First agenda.

During Trump’s announcement, that he is running again for President, he made the unprecedented plea for prayer, because what he is setting out to do is very dangerous for him, his family and his supporters:

Some of the top statements made by Trump during his announcement that infuriated CNN, forcing them to expose their leftist bias and making them go into a deeper fact check than they have ever gone before with any political candidate- were:

About Democrat Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan: “Perhaps the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country, where we lost lives, left Americans behind and surrendered $85 billion worth of the finest military equipment anywhere in the world,” Trump said.

War on Drugs: “if you get caught dealing drugs in China you have an immediate and quick trial, and by the end of the day, you are executed. That’s a terrible thing, but they have no drug problem.”

On Presidential seconds: “Obama took a lot of things with him,” Trump said

Gas Prices: “We were $1.87 a gallon for gasoline, and now it’s sitting five, six, seven and even eight dollars, and it’s gonna go really bad.”

On Illegal immigration, “I believe it’s 10 million people coming in, not three or four million people. They’re pouring into our country.”

On Wars: “Yet I’ve gone decades, decades without a war. The first president to do it for that long a period.”

The leftist media was on the attack over the announcement immediately.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that anyone is angry with the number of nasty attacks by the lapdog media on the American people and their chosen representatives.

Trump’s supporters themselves have been made a target of the nation’s top intelligence and law enforcement agencies, who have devolved into a political opposition of anyone who is against the Democrat Party, usurping their power and authority to harass supporters of Trump.

One participant of the event was seen holding up a protest sign behind Miller’s head that slammed Fake News- CNN.

The lapdog media, like CNN, has been a huge part of the problem in the devolution of American principles by pushing propaganda, so holding up a sign behind their heads- is hardly an assault.

Jad Hobman reported for the Daily Mail, and she was not at all amused by the sign, describing the situation as an attack on the propagandist from corporate lapdog media:

“Ms. Miller was accosted by the Trump devotee on Tuesday in Florida, who stood behind her holding a sign to the camera that said, ‘Fake News is CNN’.

The veteran journalist was doing a live cross to the ABC studios in Sydney, reporting on Trump’s announcement he would run for president in 2024.

The smiling man entered the frame with the big sign as she reported on Trump’s ‘announcement’, with ABC vision quickly switching to footage of Trump at the rally.

‘We have had a number of supporters here throughout the day, particularly our dear friend here, who keeps turning up every time we do a cross, with this sign,’ Ms Miller said.

‘Many of these people say the news is fake news and shout out to the media, who have been gathered here… very loyal Trump supporters.’

Hobman was eager to point out that the same ABC correspondent made a grave error in other reporting when in London for the funeral of the Queen, adding that Miller misidentified a man dressed in a costume and a court official:

The television reporter only wanted a few words from a random ‘Joe Public’ in the queue to view the Queen’s coffin.

Hobman went on:

So she was startled to find the modest man patiently inching his way forward was actually Elizabeth II’s former officer in parliament, Black Rod – who had helped organize the very lying-in state he was slowly heading for.

The Black Rod is the monarch’s representative in the House of Lords and they famously have to bang on the door of the Commons ahead of the opening of parliament.

They wear a distinctive uniform that consists of black shoes with black buckles, silk stockings, black breeches, black coat and a yard-long ebony rod.

The chance interview took place when Ms Miller thrust her microphone at a casually dressed man with grey hair on the embankment across the Thames from Parliament.

He turned out to be Lieutenant-General David Leakey, 70, who wore the tights and buckled shoes of Black Rod for seven years until 2018.

If that one CNN sign startled Hobman that much, she is in for a bumpy ride.


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