A Good Number Of Staff Will Be Let Go’ Major Shakeup at CNN After Ratings Plummet

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President Donald J. Trump broke CNN, and Americans are just beginning to see the evidence come to light that he was right about everything he predicted would happen to the Fake News/Propaganda outlet. Unfortunately, new leadership for the wasted company has a steep hill to climb to try to fix the broken brand.

News reports are that CNN management is trying several different ideas to re-ignite their brand, including dumping off some problematic talking heads.

It was Trump’s first press conference in November of 2017 when he famously called CNN ‘Fake news”, and the battle between the network and the sitting president of the United States began.

Trump famously told Americans that CNN, which had record ratings when Trump was in office, would go out of business when he left office.

And he was right- and now even THEY have to admit it, everyone wants Trump back:

CNN has even had to change its lineup- to keep up with the news viewership in the United States, as they are reportedly considering a major shake-up of programming and personalities amid tanking ratings.

People are so disinterested in watching then none of its regular shows averaged even a million viewers per episode in recent ratings.

Imagine in a country of over 360 Million people not being able to capture 1 Million viewers with a brand like CNN that is forced into schools, public spaces, and airports- their lack of viewers sounds sort of crazy.

“While the network’s viewership has declined steadily since President Donald Trump left office, last month’s numbers were bad enough to trigger some major changes, according to a report,” Conservative Brief’s Jon Doughtery reported.

Doughtery cited a Fox News article about the point at which CNN really hit rock bottom, in Oct of 2020″

“CNN averaged a devastating 480,000 in total day viewership in October, a whopping 76% drop from January amid the chaotic transition from President Trump to President Biden. Fox News averaged 1.4 million and maintained its total day viewership from earlier this year while MSNBC averaged 657,000 viewers in October, resulting in a 61% drop from January. The network lost 14% of its viewers from September,” Fox News added.

Meanwhile, CNN’s viewership cratered to just 733,000 on average, or a roughly 78 percent decline since January. MSNBC only averaged about 1.5 million viewers during the prime-time weekday hours.

Now, apparently, CNN — the very first 24-hour cable news outlet — is going back to its roots. The network is said to be implementing a new 100-percent all-straight news line-up beginning soon that will translate into a lot of firings in the weeks and months ahead.

And it was after Oct that some changes started to be made- by changing around the talent and telling them to focus on the news again.

According to the New York Post, Licht wants CNN’s on-air personalities to focus on conducting straightforward interviews and for producers to avoid “noise” in their booking decisions.

Six months ago, CNN fired its top-rated anchor Chris Cuomo for using his journalistic influence to persuade the outcome of a sexual misconduct investigation against his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Two months later, former CNN president Jeff Zucker resigned amid an undisclosed relationship scandal involving former fellow CNN executive Allison Gollust.

Deadline News notes:

…Discovery chief David Zaslav – who is widely expected to assume stewardship of CNN after its merger with WarnerMedia is complete – has kept his public comments on the failing news network close [to] the vest. When asked by Deadline what he thinks will happen with honcho Jeff Zucker, Zaslav said “Jeff’s a good friend and I like him a lot.”

But according to Jon Nicosia – former Mediaite and IJR managing editor (and former breaking news editor at the DC Examiner) – CNN is going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a “good number” of CNN’s “talent/staff” will be fired as part of a major shakeup.

Nicosia also said that another option being looked at is replacing the worst-performing programs with documentaries, which he says has been one of the rare “bright spots” during Zucker’s tenure.

None of the programming CNN currently offers appears to be resonating with Americans.

“‘Cuomo Prime Time’ was CNN’s most-watched program in October, which does not amount to much since its beleaguered anchor Chris Cuomo reached an average of just 807,000 viewers, losing 8% of his audience since September,” Fox News continued.

The network said that though Cuomo’s program is the most popular on the competitor outlet, last month was its worst since the show launched in 2017. It finished behind 15 other Fox News programs and seven from MSNBC.

“CNN’s Cuomo suffered yet another uncomfortable news cycle after his brother, disgraced former Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was charged with a sex crime, which went unmentioned on ‘Cuomo Prime Time,” Fox News added, noting further that Sean Hannity’s show “trounced” its time slot competition, averaging 2.7 million viewers compared to “The Rachel Maddow Show” which averaged 2 million in the 9 p.m. EDT slot.

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