Why ‘Hillary Runs for President 3’ would be the biggest threequel flop of the decade

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Grace Curley had a great piece in the Daily Mail on Friday reciting the numerous reasons why Democrat Hillary Clinton is unlikable, both, as a person and as a political candidate and why- if/when she runs for POTUS, we already know she is going fail.

“The track records of movie sequels and television reboots of 90’s sitcoms are littered with flat-out failures.  Generally retreads are more indicative of lazy Hollywood dimwits trying to recapture past glory than of any compelling reason to regurgitate old ideas.  Did you ever see The Hangover Part II? How about Part III?” Curley wrote about Clinton’s much-anticipated reemergence into politics as a presidential candidate in 2024.

Curley scoffed at the idea of Clinton being seen as a “change agent” for the Democrat Party, an idea that was promoted by a recent Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal, pointing to Clinton’s age and long string of failed attempts to gain higher office.

Then there is the fact that voters are tired of aging Democrats and their failed policies- citing a recent Quinnipiac poll that has Biden’s approval rating at 33%. “His Build Back Better agenda appears to be going nowhere,” Curley wrote.

Here is what Curley wrote is really going to be Clinton’s impossible mission- Ignoring Hillary Clinton’s massive baggage.

“There is a reason Hillary Clinton lost not once, but twice on the big stage. In fact, there are several reasons. The first one being that Bill Clinton’s wife comes with a lot of baggage. And I’m not even talking about her scandal-ridden husband. The progressives on the left, who now have free rein of the party, don’t have the fondest feelings towards former President Obama’s Secretary of State. And can you blame them?” Curley wrote.

Some of Clinton’s baggage is her underhanded tactics against other Democrat Pary candidates, which is well known to Curley and most everyone else, so it is also questionable how the Party is going to react to Clinton running for any office.

Clinton’s supporters forget that In 2017, former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile alleged that Clinton rigged the Democratic National Committee against her then-opponent Bernie Sanders.  Brazile claimed she couldn’t write a press release without getting the Clinton campaign’s approval.  But Curley and her peers have not forgotten it, or overlooked the corruption.

Curley then gets very serious about Clinton’s reputation. Check out what she said about that:

“Then there is Hillary’s likability problem. In 2016, a majority of the country had an unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton. It didn’t matter that she had Jay-Z and Beyonce endorsing her or that Barack Obama said she was the most qualified presidential candidate ever. It didn’t even help that she visited a Chipotle on the campaign trail and ordered a burrito bowl like real people do,” Curley wrote.

“America’s unfavorable opinion of Hillary only got worse after the election. Nearly 2 years after she lost, her approval sank even further to 36%. Sure, Trump had stunning unfavorables as well. However, Trump proved he could win on the national stage despite his unpopularity,” Curley pointed out.

“America has a love-hate relationship with Trump. Hillary only could manage half of the love-hate equation,” Curley brilliantly pointed out.

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