Voting probe chief urges decertification of the 2020 elections in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman released a damning report on voter fraud.

There is now evidence that voter fraud was committed in nursing homes during the 2020 election.

Here is one of the most egregious examples of voter fraud:

On Tuesday, the former judge appointed to investigate Wisconsin’s 2020 election declared there’s enough evidence of voting anomalies to suggest that the legislature consider decertifying the final results declaring Joe Biden the winner of the election.

Wisconsin State Assembly was provided with a 136-page report by retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman detailing several irregularities including how “most vulnerable” nursing home residents had been robbed of their votes.

Gableman’s findings came following two major court rulings declaring that electoral rules changes enacted in 2020 because of COVID – allowing voters to skip ID requirements and using ballot drop boxes – were illegal. These rulings raise questions about tens of thousands of votes cast in a state where Biden won by fewer than 21,000 votes.

“I believe the Legislature should take a very hard look at the option of decertification of the 2020 Wisconsin presidential election,” Gableman told lawmakers.

The report and testimony of Gableman cited a variety of concerns, including the potentially corrupting influence of $8.8 million donated by a group supported by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to election judges and administrators in the five Democratic-led cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, and Wisconsin.

Workers voted on behalf of nursing home residents without getting their permission, violating the rights of some of the state’s “most vulnerable citizens.”

Thomas Moore Society conducted a parallel audit that found 100% voting rates in over 90 nursing homes throughout the state. In its investigation, the group found that the suspicious results were caused by an “illegal directive prohibiting municipal clerks from sending legally required special voting deputies into those homes.”

Consequently, Gableman called for dismantling and eliminating the Wisconsin Election Commission, an office whose decisions were subsequently overturned by the courts. In summary, Gableman called the Wisconsin Election Commission “hopelessly incompetent.”

“We have to have an election system in Wisconsin that is not only honest in fact, but also in appearance,” he declared to lawmakers.

Gableman’s findings were instantly dismissed by Democrats and the MSM as “fringe.”

“WOW – Gableman goes full in crazy conspiracy theory and demands that Wisconsin ‘Decertify’ the election,” the chairwoman of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Ann Jacobs, a Democrat, wrote on Twitter.

Reformative measures suggested by Gableman included public and free access to state voting rolls so that residents could see “who is eligible and who voted.”

Many of the videos he showed were interviews with nursing home patients listed as having voted but who appeared to struggle with answering questions about elections.

Yet, of all his recommendations, the decertification recommendation gained the most attention.

According to Gableman, the vote would be mainly symbolic, saying it “would not, on its own, have any other legal consequence under state or federal law” such as changing “who the current president is.”

According to him, his investigation is far from complete and will proceed. “I had no other goal in mind to find the truth. And while we don’t have it entirely yet, we’re getting there,” Gableman declared to the lawmakers.

The report comes on the heels of a recent study of Maricopa County, Arizona mail ballots in the 2020 presidential election which estimates that more than 200,000 ballots with mismatched signatures were counted without review, or “curing” – more than eight times the 25,000 mismatched signatures that the county acknowledged required curing.

According to its final report, the signature verification pilot study was conducted by Shiva Ayyadurai’s Election Systems Integrity Institute, which was requested by the Arizona State Senate. In addition to being an engineer and entrepreneur, Ayyadurai holds four degrees from MIT and claims to be the inventor of email – a claim that his critics claim is exaggerated.

In the 2020 presidential election, Maricopa County received and counted 1,911,918 early voting mail ballots. The county reports that 25,000, or 1.3%, of those ballots, had signature mismatches that required rectification; however, only 587 (2%) of those mismatched signatures were confirmed.

As part of the Maricopa County election rules, a reviewer first compares the signature on the envelope with the voter’s signature on record, which takes roughly four to thirty seconds. The ballot is then cured if the signature doesn’t appear to match. This process can take three or more minutes and involves contacting the voter to determine whether the signature matches or not.

To determine whether the signatures on early voting mail ballot envelopes matched the signatures on file, three expert forensic document examiners and three novices analyzed 499 images of the envelopes. There were 60 mismatched signatures in total, or 12% of the 499 envelopes reviewed.

From the sample, it was concluded that more than 204,430 ballots should have been cured and 5,277 rejected.

“We want to be humble about this,” Ayyadurai said during a virtual demonstration of the study. “While the study is compelling, an expanded study is warranted to confirm the findings of this study.”

Meanwhile, a feisty Donald Trump demanded a congressional investigation into the alleged collusion between Big Tech and the Democrats on Saturday at CPAC. Speaking to an audience of passionate supporters in sometimes blunt terms, the former president criticized social media censorship of news damaging to Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign, as well as massive private donations to transform local election offices into Democrat voter turnout machines in carefully targeted swing states.

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