Trump Media and Technology Group Announces Bold New Move

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Trump Media and Technology Group was fed up with the liberal censorship on social media, and so in February 2022 launched Truth Social, with promises of free speech for users. Now on iPhones, an app for androids is to be coming in the near future for the new social media platform.

A vision statement on the TMTG company website states that the new media platforms are an answer to liberal bias.
“If Big Tech can censor the president of the United States,” the statement proclaims, “then they can censor anyone.”

Now, the Trump Group is hiring staff for a new video streaming platform that will compete with such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, called Trump Media and Technology Group+, or TMTG+.

Video streaming channels that operate with subscriptions rather than solely on advertising revenue are being explored and used by networks, and seem to be the coming wave of informative and entertainment media. Recently, CNN tried to add such a channel, CNN+, which was quickly a dismal failure.

It seems entertainment is edging out information in terms of success of these paid programs, due to similar programming available for free with ads. But the need for alternative, more conservative programming might be the selling point for ‘Trump TV.’

The Daily Mail issued a report on Friday that the Trump Media and Technology Group is currently seeking new staffers for a video streaming platform that the company will pit against current behemoths including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

In recruitment adverts posted on Wednesday, “the company announced it was seeking a content buyer and a development manager to create programming for its TMTG+ service,” the report said.

“The service is part of Trump’s attempt to build an alternative media ecosystem after being kicked off Facebook and YouTube in the wake of the January 6 violence last year,” the Daily Mail reported.

It seems a wide range of programming is planned, some original programming as well as programming imported from currently existing platforms, according to the announcement by Trump.

“Trump Media & Technology Group’s streaming video on demand service will be a ‘Big Tent’ platform offering broad-based entertainment rooted in free speech,” it says. “The American public is seeking ‘non-woke’ entertainment, and TMTG+ will provide content for all to enjoy.

“In addition to the social media platform Truth Social, our SVOD platform TMTG+ will be the home for a wide variety of non-scripted, scripted, and original content,” it adds.
The content development manager will work on the development of new programming, casting for roles, and pilots.

“In addition to the Social Media platform Truth Social, our [streaming video on demand] platform TMTG+ will be the home for a wide variety of non-scripted, scripted, and original content,” the ad continues.

“The team at Trump Media & Technology Group Streaming Video is seeking a Content Development Manager with a passion for day-to-day development of the TMTG+ programming slate,” the posting adds. “The role will generate and develop internal concepts for original unscripted content, short form series episodes and specials. Our ideal candidate will be able to establish priorities and multi-task efficiently within a fast-paced environment while meeting strict deadlines.”

Among the responsibilities listed include managing projects in development “including paper development, casting and pilots, responding to pitches from outside producers and evaluate strength in relation to SVOD direction,” plus staying “current on developing trends at networks, AVOD and SVOD platforms and identify relevant programming opportunities, as well as stay aware of emerging talent and upcoming non-scripted programming.”

Requirements include four-plus years of development experience, “at either a network, production company, digital content producer or streamer,” with applicants having a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, relevant experience as well as “Excellent writing and storytelling skills; proficient at writing notes and giving direction.”

The failure of CNN+ less than a month after being launched shows that another paid liberal channel is not desired by the public.

However, the field is wide open for paid conservative programming.

Chris Wallace, who abruptly left Fox News to join the doomed CNN+, and was reportedly very disgruntled with the decision to cancel the network soon after his joining it, recently spoke about everything that has happened.

“I am going to be fine,” Wallace said during a panel discussion hosted by the Common Ground Committee. “I’m in good shape, whether it’s at CNN or someplace else.”

The new ‘someplace else’ looks like it may be TMTG+, as it will offer a unique blend of programming not currently available.

Independent reported that Liz Harrington, Donald Trump’s spokesperson, had earlier said the company could be valued at $1.7 billion if a merger with shell company Digital World Acquisition Corporation goes through pending regulator approval.

There are rumors that the company has hired Scott St. John who has producing credits on “Deal or No Deal” and “America’s Got Talent.”

TMTG+ is being touted as the ‘MAGA replacement of Netflix’ and the ‘Non-Woke streaming platform.’


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