Rep. Kat Cammack Visits Border Facility to Prove Baby Formula Stocked at the Border

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American parents are being used as political pawns by Democrats as Joe Biden’s disastrous leadership has hit American homes of infants with a panic-inducing shortage of baby formula- compounded by the Democrat’s reckless economic policy and lack of intelligent leadership, and one Republican is rising as a champion of people who want to feed their babies.

The Biden administration is constructing a massive disaster for the American people with their whoreish overspending and a massively corrupt and incompetent centralized government whose only job is to keep themselves living lavishly on the bill of the American taxpayer.

While radical far-leftist Pete Buttigieg enjoys his bicycle rides and mornings home feeding his new infant, he is not too busy to lie to the American people while on parental leave from work.

Fox News reported on Tuesday about a dust-up between Republicans and Democrats on the Baby Food Crisis:

“Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., slammed Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg for a “lie,” claiming the Biden administration has been “on top” of the nation’s baby formula crisis since day one during a Monday segment of “Mornings with Maria.” Cammack told FOX Business’s Maria Bartiromo how she exposed the baby formula stockpiles at the U.S.’s southern border by taking matters into her own hands and filming the scene firsthand.

We Love Trump reported on the Democrat crisis:

Republican Cammack last week shared photos sent by sources showing full shelves of baby formula and food at a processing center at the southern border.

Cammack was accused of lying, so she took a trip to the US-Mexico border to expose the stockpiling of baby formula being sent to border facilities while American families continue to face empty shelves amid a nationwide shortage.

The congresswoman surveyed the facilities herself, finding stockpiles of baby formula and other necessary infant supplies.

Here is what they found:

‘Just The Craziest Thing’: Kat Cammack Visits Border Facility, Reveals Supplies Stocked Up

In a video released to social media, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) visited the border facility in McAllen, Texas, after complaining that pallets of baby formula were being sent to the border despite a nationwide shortage,” the description of the video reads.

“To me this is the craziest thing, I am standing in the warehouse here at Donna, and .. we have to do this, let me take this over here really fast, ” Cammack said as she panned the space and shows the area full of pallets of boxes.

Here’s the footage:

Fox Business reported:

REP. KAT CAMMACK: Yesterday, I was on the border myself, and the facts on the ground are exactly how we have been stating them. Last week, I received text messages and photos from Border Patrol agents showing a stockpile of baby formula, and there was complete outrage from the White House, CNN, and other liberal outlets claiming that we were lying, so I decided to go down myself and film it. Lo and behold, not only was there stocked warehouses, but there were multiple stocked warehouses that have been not only filled with baby formula, diapers, wipes, and clothing, but they have been doing this for months and there’s more en route.

This just points again to how out of touch this administration is and they could stop this with a simple policy change. And to the Secretary of Transportation’s remarks that they have been on top of this from day one: That is a lie. They canceled 43% of this manufacturer’s production with no plan to backfill that market share that they make up. So, how have they been on top of this? Because moms for months have been saying it was getting harder and harder to find formula. This is just another example of the broken administration that doesn’t know how to govern.

Rep. Cammack made these comments on The Faulkner Focus:

Cammack reported some more details on her personal Facebook page.

“The White House and CNN are PISSED that I exposed their latest America last policy. We’ve broken down the baby formula crisis and how the Biden administration is directly responsible.
Nope, we aren’t backing down. Our moms, dads, and kids deserve better,” Cammack.

On Sunday’s Face The Nation, Buttigieg spoke with reporter Margaret Brennan, and was flippant about the problems that American parents are having, while he apparently has no such concerns for his own family.

Could that be because he is in the special elite who has access to those pallets of formula?

Check it out:

MARGARET BRENNAN: I want to ask you a little bit on a personal note. We’ve been talking about this baby formula shortage nationwide that’s been ongoing now for months. You have infants at home. Do you have problems getting a hold of formula?

SECRETARY BUTTIGIEG: Yeah, this is very personal for us. We’ve got two nine-month-old children, baby formula is a very big part of our lives. And like millions of Americans, we’ve been rooting around stores, checking online, getting in touch with relatives in other places where they don’t have the same shortages to see what they can send over. And we figured it out. We’re all set, at least for now. But I think about what that would be like, if you’re a shift worker with two jobs, maybe you don’t have a car, you literally don’t have the time or the money to be going from store to store. That’s why this is such a serious issue and that’s why it’s getting attention at the highest levels, including, of course, direct involvement by the president.

But what is he doing about it, other than virtue signaling? That is the question people, who put him in power, need to answer.

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