Pennsylvania Republicans to draft bill to relocate migrants on Biden DHS flights to Delaware

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Pennsylvania Republican senators plan to introduce a bill to relocate migrants entering Pennsylvania on flights sponsored by the Biden administration to Delaware, the president’s home state. State Senator Mario Scavello of Mount Pocono, a Republican, asked his colleagues to support the bill.

“In the very near future, I intend to introduce legislation to address the influx of illegal immigrants being relocated into Pennsylvania,” Scavello wrote, noting that the legislation will be modeled after that of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

According to Scavello’s memo, the legislation would establish a transportation program for migrants to move from the commonwealth to Delaware.

“How many illegal immigrants has the president relocated to his own home state of Delaware?” he asked. “If it is good enough for Pennsylvania, then why not redirect the relocation to Delaware?”

Regarding the flights landing in Jacksonville, DeSantis said in November: “We’ll provide buses … I will send them to Delaware and do that.”

The bill also bans state contracts from being awarded to any federal contractors engaged in the relocation efforts of the Biden administration.

According to Scavello, the coronavirus pandemic is being “further exacerbated” by a flood of illegal immigrants who haven’t been tested for the disease.

“If the federal government is not willing to provide extra dollars to communities that have experienced increased strain on their healthcare systems, increased number of students in school districts and education costs and other services within our communities, then they shouldn’t be forced to take on more illegal immigrants and the additional financial responsibility,” he said
Doug Mastriano, a Pennsylvania Republican state senator from Chambersburg, announced Thursday that he will be co-sponsoring Scavello’s bill.

“We need to further examine the total number of illegal immigrants being sent to [Pennsylvania] by plane and bus,” said retired Army Colonel Mastriano. Mastriano is also running for governor in his state.

“We also need to look at how much this is costing taxpayers and if Governor [Tom] Wolf and Attorney General [Josh] Shapiro were notified of the flights beforehand.”

Shapiro, a Democrat, is the favorite in that party’s primary for the 2022 gubernatorial election.

Wolf’s office told reporters last week that migrant flights arriving at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport Dec. 11, 17, and 25 weren’t ending their journeys there, but rather passing through on their way to their guardians and sponsors.

“Had any of the elected officials sending letters/statements asked, they would have received the same information that we have from HHS; over recent weeks, unaccompanied children passed through the Wilkes-Barre airport en route to their final destination to be unified with their parents or vetted sponsor,” Wolf’s spokeswoman Beth Rementer said. “These were not ICE flights.”

“As any elected official should know, immigration is a federal matter. Instead of making this a political PR stunt, their questions are best directed to the federal government,” a staffer at Wolf’s office told the Delaware Valley Journal.

In a report released Thursday, Marsriano’s office outlined the data the Department of Homeland Security used to support an inquiry by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., which accounted for 938 domestic migrant transfer flights accounting for 51,750 noncitizens.

Data from DHS were compiled into a list of “cities transited” by “ICE air operations” and those included Harrisburg, PA, Newark, New Jersey; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Toledo, Ohio; Miami, Florida, and Richmond, Virginia.

As recently as late December, immigration hawks focused their attention on Pennsylvania after Representative Lou Barletta, R-Pa, posted images that purportedly showed such flights landing in Scranton, the birthplace of President Joe Biden.

Barletta, who is also running for governor, claimed that the Biden administration ordered a “ghost flight” to nearby Allentown after the images were released.

According to WFMZ, a World Atlantic Airlines flight landed in the nation’s third-largest city on Dec. 30.

The move comes at a time when border states are trying to get federal government help because they are overwhelmed by cartel-backed illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

Sheriffs from 11 counties in Arizona have asked Congress to hire more immigration judges and resume border wall construction as ways to combat increased illegal immigration and fentanyl smuggling.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday, the officers supported draft federal legislation prepared by Gov. Doug Ducey’s office aimed at boosting security along the U.S.-Mexico border, which is experiencing a record number of migrants encounters and fentanyl seizures.

“In Arizona, we will secure our border. We will protect public safety. We will not back down,” Ducey said when he met with the lawmen. “We will fight this fight until Washington, D.C. finally acts.”

U.S. border agents in Arizona’s Yuma sector apprehended more than 44,500 illegal immigrants between October and November, an increase of 2,400 percent over the same period in FY 2021.

The National Guard was deployed to Yuma in December after thousands of migrants flooded into the area in just a few days, overwhelming local law enforcement and emergency services.

The area is in the southwest part of the state. More migrants and drugs are making their way across Mexico’s border to the east, closer to the border with New Mexico.

Mark Dannels, the sheriff for Cochise County, said smuggling activities are causing rural areas to suffer financially. “It is hurting us,” he said.


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