Pence says he hasn’t spoken to Trump since last summer

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In a recent interview, former Vice President Mike Pence claimed that he had not spoken to former President Donald Trump since last summer.

As a result of the events of Jan. 6, 2021, a date on which they expressed differing views on the vice president’s constitutional responsibility in overseeing the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory, the former vice president indicated that the relationship between them has been strained.

“You know, we talked last summer. And, you know, I’ve said many times, it was difficult. Jan. 6 was difficult. It was a tragic day in the life of the nation” Pence said on Jesse Watters’s new show on Fox on Thursday.

“I know I did my duty under the constitution of the United States. But the president and I sat down in the days that followed that. We spoke about it, talked through it. We parted amicably.”

During an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pence downplayed the larger impact of Jan. 6, claiming “one tragic day in January” was being deployed against Trump supporters. His decision to uphold the election results on that day, however, has not caused him any regret.

Due to his decision not to overturn the Jan. 6 result, the former vice president has been at odds with many Trump supporters, leading former President Donald Trump to suggest Pence has a bad relationship with the party.

“I think Mike has been very badly hurt by what took place in respect to Jan. 6,” Trump said in December last year at a Florida event. “I think he’s been mortally wounded, frankly, because I see the reaction he’s getting from people.”

Nevertheless, Trump did qualify his criticism of his former running mate by saying that Pence’s decision on Jan. 6 was the only disappointment with him.

“It’s like saying we won the game, [and] we win another game, but we got our a** kicked in the World Series,” Trump explained. “Mike should have sent those crooked votes back to the legislatures, and you would have had a different result in the election, in my opinion.”

In April 2020, Trump called Vice President Pence a “good man” who made a “big mistake” by failing to notice the “massive voter fraud and irregularities” that he has claimed several times since then. Trump’s campaign had filed several lawsuits alleging voter fraud, but the majority were dismissed by the courts.

Trump and Pence’s disagreement has not stopped the former vice president from raising money for GOP legislators elsewhere, including New Hampshire.

As we reported a few days ago, Trump was caught recently on video teasing out that he expects to be president again, replacing Democrat Joe Biden, the 46th POTUS. Trump is seen on the video while golfing at his Trump National Doral Miami, ‘Blue Monster’ golf course and appeared to be preparing Americans to get accustomed to his inevitable return to politics as POTUS.

The popular Instagram account for Donald Trump fan 2024 posted the video footage with the caption:

“Trump says he is the 45th and the 47th President! It is happening!”

In the video, a man off-screen, who seems to be in the golfing party with Trump, is heard setting up his scene by describing Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

Trump, who is seen teeing up his ball, then walks toward the man, casually while overheard saying: ‘Forty-fifth and forty-seventh,’ suggesting he’ll be back in the White House soon.

Recent numbers of a National Tracking poll of likely voters show that Republicans will receive Trump’s teasing well because Trump is the most favorable Republican candidate.

Even though Trump has not -yet- declared his candidacy, he has already had epic 2016 style campaign rallies in key battleground areas, including most recently a massive rally in Arizona. At the rally, Trump announced his endorsements for the 2022 midterm elections. His endorsements include Kari Lake, who is running for Governor.

The most Trump rally received a broad audience and lots of independent media attrition, as the mainstream media continues to try to ignore Trump. But that isn’t working out well.

While Trump has gotten positive coverage from those rallies from his supporters, Democrat Joe Biden has seen a sinking approval rate among voters and supporters, putting him in the high 30’s, and his administration faces an onslaught of conflicts with the American people from their COVID handling. Biden and his administration are seen as weak on issues from economics to healthcare to handling foreign relations.

According to a Politico/ Morning Consult poll, Trump would likely win the Republican party nomination if he were to run again in 2024.

The poll indicated that the 45th president would cruise to the GOP nomination if he opted to enter the 2024 White House race.

When asked whom they would support in a hypothetical Republican primary, 49 percent of voters chose Trump, with DeSantis a distant second at 14 percent and Pence close behind him with 13 percent support. No other potential candidate named in the poll got above 5 percent, while Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) — the 2012 GOP presidential nominee — garnered 4 percent support.


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