Passenger is kicked off flight because he had ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on his mask

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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is a rallying cry for the opponents of Democrat Joe Biden that is making even the most average leftist seek any and all authoritarian domination to squelch the triggering pushback against their political idol and his ideology.

“You can’t Have Let’s Go Brandon, on your mask or you will be removed. An Allegiant employee claims it’s an “FAA regulation,” Libs Of Tik Tok reported about the video footage that went viral on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a passenger on Allegiant Air was kicked off a flight because he allegedly had Let’s Go Brandon written in tiny writing on his mask, and when asked by an airline employee, he refused to change it.

According to One Mile at A Time, a self-proclaimed service for elite travelers, Americans using the phrase is “alarming”:

“There’s an alarming trend of people trying to wear “Let’s Go Brandon” attire on planes, and then being asked to change. Then the people try to act confused and claim that their freedoms are being violated. I wanted to address this, because it really isn’t that complicated.”

The statement is so triggering to the violent left that the airline claims they must remove the criticism of Biden so that passengers will be safe. Forget free speech- airline authorities would rather punish the opponents of Biden than expect the fans of Joe Biden to behave themselves.

What we are really seeing is more likely the US Transportation Security Administration(TSA) is enforcing political ideology on airlines.

The airline claims the passenger was removed for being disobedient to the flight attendant, not because of the saying, raising concerns of rising totalitarianism by airline workers and out-of-control, totalitarianism rising from federal agencies like the TSA.

A video, which brought awareness of the event to the public, was posted to Twitter by the account Libs of TikTok and starts with a man arguing with the flight attendant from Allegiant Air.


Overhead on the video is a female employee arguing with the airline customer, talking about the  ‘comment you’ve written on there’- leading to speculation that it is “Lets Go Brandon”.

The mockery of Democrat Joe Biden, and the denial of her authority, is too much for the woman to handle.

A statement from the airline read:

“The video in question depicts part of an incident involving a passenger who failed to comply with repeated crew member requests to adhere to the federal face mask policy,” the statement said. “The passenger was removed from the flight and issued a refund for his fare. Disregarding instructions from flight crew members is prohibited by federal regulations and is grounds for removal from a flight where such conduct creates an unsafe environment.”

The statement continued, “The decision to remove a passenger is never made lightly and is always done with the safety of our passengers and crew in mind. In April, the FAA adopted a zero-tolerance policy against unruly passenger behavior, which includes failure to comply with crew members’ instructions. We welcome the FAA’s renewed strong stance on unruly passengers, understanding the safety risk such incidents can create for both passengers and crew.”

This is the most recent example of the zero-tolerance airlines have adopted for anything that is negative toward Democrat Joe Biden, showing how fragile his supporters really are about any sort of scrutiny about his actions.

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