Have You Joined The Coolest New MAGA Site Yet… Bannon Endorsed It!

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Co-Founder of the citizen journalist-led news website ‘The Ronald,’ Brian Kolfage, appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room Friday morning to share how the popular site is already changing the news game. The reader controls the news narrative on TheRonald.win without any big tech, agenda-driven censorship, or foreign interference.

As a war hero veteran who gave three limbs defending our nation, our freedom, and the critical principles that make America great, Kolfage knows the price, sacrifice, and importance of our God-given rights we’re blessed with in this country. That’s why it’s important for real Americans to join TheRonald.win, an interactive social news site, and share real news in this era of censorship that we as citizens are suffering under.

USAF Senior Airman Brian Kolfage on Bannon’s War Room:

This news forum gives users many posting options for interaction and information-sharing that’s simplified and easy to use. Signed-in users and quickly post links to articles in seconds, images, photos, Tweets, Gifs, and even video and audio files. *JUST ADDED* features now include a meme generator, trivia/quiz creator, and polls, to take your communication, creativity, and news dissemination to the next level and with ease.

“You can vote daily for your favorite content and engage in lively discussions about it. As you upvote the content you value most, it will rise in rank.”

“A point-based system called MAGA Points helps members gain credibility and rank. Points are earned based on your daily interactions with the site. As a result, you will achieve rank milestones and prizes for the ultimate bragging rights.” TheRonald

TheRonald is a “power of the people” platform for YOU, by YOU. The site promises FREE and secure accounts for those who wish to post, as your privacy and information is their top priority. You don’t have to sign up to be a reader of all of the important, breaking news on the site that’s constantly being updated all day and night, every day, seven days a week. It’s one stop place you can go to get all the information that truly matters most.

“Each member has a personal profile where they can interact with other members and add friends. You can save important content that you find into “collections” so that you can refer back to them when needed.”

The truth is out there and can’t and won’t be stopped by big tech or establishment agendas on TheRonald.win where freedom-loving patriots like YOU at the helm — not ‘Big Brother,’ liberal simps, propagandists, or Biden family cronies constantly on the cover-up.



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