Kamala Harris Gripes her media coverage would be better if she were a White man

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Kamala Harris is blaming racism for her low poll numbers. According to people in her inner circle who she’s spoken to, she believes that if were white and male, like 48 of the Vice Presidents who served before her, she would get glowing reviews and people would like her more. According to a report out on Thursday, Harris is seeking advice from Hillary Clinton on how to boost her ratings.

Former staffers have complained about her management style and have said that Harris is a “bully” who rips into aides with “soul-destroying criticism, according to the NY Post.”

Of course, as she seeks guidance from Clinton, who lost to Trump in 2016, it should be remembered that she believed there was a ‘right-wing conspiracy’ against her. Instead of looking inward, both politicians seek to place the blame for their failures on others.

The Daily Mail reports on Clinton advising Harris:

The former senator from New York who served as secretary of state under Barack Obama said Harris isn’t being treated equally.

‘There is a double standard; it’s sadly alive and well,’ the told the New York Times.

‘A lot of what is being used to judge her, just like it was to judge me, or the women who ran in 2020, or everybody else, is really colored by that,’ she said.

According to the latest Real Clear Politics average of polls for Harris, a whopping 52.7% of Americans have an unfavorable view of her.

Rather than her race or gender being the reason for the bad numbers, the LA Times reported that her ratings decline began shortly after being assigned to handle the border crisis. She is often criticized for visiting the borders of other countries, but not that of the US.

The LA Times notes:

After taking on that role, Harris’ approval ratings began to decline, with unfavorable opinions surpassing favorable ones in June. Whether the decline is directly related to the immigration debate is uncertain, however, as the dip in her approval also corresponds to a small decline in President Biden’s job approval.

The dip followed an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, where Harris bristled at a question about why she had not visited the border, triggering criticism. Comments about immigration and the United States’ southern border during visits to Mexico and Guatemala have also sparked controversy.

Another black Democrat agrees with Harris that race and gender are why she is seeing such low favorability numbers. Fox News reported that:

Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif., also defended Harris to The Times, claiming there was a double standard that went further than Harris’ gender.

“I know, and we all knew, that she would have a difficult time because anytime you’re a ‘first,’ you do,’” Bass said. “And to be the first woman vice president, to be the first Black, Asian woman, that’s a triple. So we knew it was going to be rough, but it has been relentless, and I think extremely unfair.”

Of course, when Harris campaigned for president in the Democratic primary, her poll numbers declined amongst people in her own party so to suggest that the problem is “race” or “gender” is ludicrous, unless members of the Democratic Party are in fact racist and sexist, which, they very well could be despite the party being touted as one that champions the needs of “oppressed minorities.”

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