Jesse Watters reveals how five Democrat families used ‘power and influence’ to enrich themselves

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It is finally all coming together how left-wing families, who resemble the Five Families in the famous movie, The Godfather, have transformed American politics and exploited their access to power while they caused a major disaster for the rest of Americans.

“These five families are the Bidens, Kerrys, Pelosis, Schumers and”perhaps the single greatest abuser of our country’s trust – the Clintons,” Fox News host Jessie Watters said on his program, on Thursday.

Watters gave a significant smackdown to these five family’s on his show one by one- exposing their outrageous deeds against the American people. Evidence is being uncovered that a leftist mob has pushed numerous public policies, thwarting the success of regular Americans while getting themselves, their family members, and their friends filthy rich.

Fox News reported on the comingling of influence by ‘mobsters in politics’: 

Jesse Watters explained how the five crime families of “The Godfather” movie represent “the five families of the Democrat Party” in Thursday’s opening monologue of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

The movie’s “crime leaders were just fictional characters, but they represented something real,” Watters said. “No, not the actual five crime families of New York. That gang represents the five families of the Democrat Party. For the past two decades, these clans have used their power and influence in the halls of Washington to enrich themselves and their offspring.”

Here is the smackdown:

Clintons went from rags to riches

Watters talked about how Hillary Clinton became secretary of state of Barack Obama. The highly unethical breach of trust with the highly questionable Clinton Foundation received personal finances from “at least 181 companies, individuals and foreign governments”.

“181 companies. That’s a lot of IOUs from the Clintons. I wonder if she ever paid those favors back,” Watters speculated.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were in millions of dollars of legal debt in 2000, according to the book “Clinton Cash.” Watters said they have grossed $131 million since then.

Pelosi family’s fraudulent business practices have no consequences

“While Paul Jr. has been connected to plenty of suspect businesses, he has never faced the same consequences as his partners,” Watters said. “Hmm. I wonder why. I guess when your mother is a leader of the Democratic Party, you have a ‘get out of jail free’ card.”

Schumer family is allowed to show a conflict of interest

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is the man in charge of advancing Big Tech antitrust legislation in the Senate but has a huge family interest in the process,” Waters said.

Watters highlighted one of Schumer’s daughters, who is a registered lobbyist for Amazon; another daughter who works in marketing at Facebook.

Bidens are an international crime family

“As for Hunter Biden, his deals netted the Biden family $30 million … from Chinese profiteers linked to communist spies,” Watters said.

Kerry family is connected to Biden’s international criminal conduct

“While Hunter was stacking bills courtesy of America’s biggest enemy, he was roping in another prominent Democrat family into his schemes. Hunter’s business partner, Chris Heinz, John Kerry’s stepson, both in business with China, both fathers soft on China. And so another piece of the puzzle falls into place,” Waters said


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