Hillary Clinton Lawyer ‘lied to the FBI’ on behalf of her campaign and wanted to spark an ‘October Surprise’

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The special counsel John Durham begins his first trial this week after a very long probe into the actions by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party- and the origins of the Russiagate hoax- that started in 2019.

Key point: Lawyer Michael Sussmann’s trial began Tuesday in Washington-He is accused of lying to the FBI early in the original Russia probe of  Donald J. Trump’s 2016  presidential campaign.

The evidence that we have about Susmasman from court documents- thus far- has been pretty rock solid that the Democrat Party, allied with their 2016 nominee for President, Clinton, started a landslide of disinformation, manipulations, fake news, and hoaxes that would even bring down top law enforcement and intelligence agencies- all to prevent  Trump winning the presidency and then serving the American people, after he won.

The hoax led up to the legal harassment of numerous of Trump’s associates and friends in an attempt to get at the, then, sitting POTUS. Something that is really a big deal, as this case may lead to sweeping up former President Barack Obama, who may have been spying on the White House- another really big deal.

But for now, we have this, as reported by The Daily Mail, it all started when the Democrats thought they had an “October surprise”:

Hillary Clinton’s lawyer ‘lied to the FBI’ on behalf of her campaign and wanted to spark an ‘October Surprise’ to embarrass Trump as voters headed to the polls, prosecutors say on the first day of Durham’s Russia probe trial.

Sussman contacted FBI general counsel James Baker with a ‘tip’ of information about apparently unusual traffic between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank to get them to focus on Trump’s campaign.

Former Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann

An FBI investigation found nothing wrong with the computer traffic, much to the frustration of the Democrat scheme builders.

“He told a lie designed to achieve a political end, a lie designed to inject the FBI into a presidential election,” said prosecutor Brittain Shaw.

Sussmann’s team says he never lied and was known to represent top Democrats’Many people have strong feelings about Donald Trump and Russia,’ said prosecutors.

So when the allegation about the Russian Bank didn’t pan out, the meeting- to point the FBI in the direction of the Trump campaign- itself constituted an effort to ‘use and manipulate’ federal law enforcement for political ends, prosecutors argued.

Sussmann’s defense team argued he was forthright when he acted on his own to bring information to authorities and said the intervention did not benefit the Clinton camp in any way, which seems very strange because the timing was perfect for the iconic ‘October Surprise”.

“Sussmann is charged with lying to the FBI early in the Trump-Russia probe in the election’s final weeks. Defense lawyers told jurors he never lied,” The Daily Mail reported.

Apparently, his defense that he was spying on Trump’s computer usage as a concerned citizen?

“Sussmann is accused of misleading the FBI during a September 2016 meeting by telling the bureau’s top lawyer that he wasn’t acting on behalf of any client when he presented computer data that he said might connect Russia to then-candidate Donald Trump.

In reality, prosecutors say, he was acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign and another client who had provided him with the data,” Daily Mail wrote.

Enter Tech Executive Rodney Joffe.

Joffe, according to his Wikipedia page, is a South African-American entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert. He is a recipient of the FBI’s Director’s Award for Outstanding Cyber Investigation for his role in uncovering the Mariposa botnet.

He is also one of four people who investigated disproven communications between computer servers at The Trump Organization and Alfa-Bank in Russia.”

So he is a pal to the FBI.

Joffe had told Sussmann of ‘communications between internet servers maintained for the Trump Organization and servers belonging to Russia’s Alfa Bank’ – information he would share with a law partner and the FBI.

But why was he looking at internet traffic for a Presidential candidate? And why wasn’t Clinton’s internet traffic made public?

Prosecutors told the jury that Sussmann as someone abused his ‘privilege.’

‘This is a case about privilege … the privilege of a lawyer who thought that for the powerful the normal rules didn’t apply, that he could use the FBI as a political tool,’ Assistant Special Counsel Deborah Shaw told jurors in the case.

‘The defendant lied to direct the power and resources of the FBI to his own ends and to serve the agendas of his clients.

He lied, prosecutors told the jury, in hopes of generating an ‘October surprise’ of FBI investigations into Trump and negative news coverage of him, and because he knew the FBI would consider the information less credible if it thought it was being presented on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

‘He told a lie that was designed to achieve a political end, a lie that was designed to inject the FBI into a presidential election,’ said prosecutor Brittain Shaw.


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