Hillary and Bill Clinton want to get BACK into politics

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Speculation has been growing for weeks that former failed Presidential candidate, former brazen First Lady, scandalous former Secretary of State, former corrupt Senator from New York- Hillary R. Clinton- wants to run for POTUS again- and now there is concrete evidence that she has found her scheme to do just that very thing.

The word in political circles is that former political power couple-Democrats Hillary and Bill Clinton- want to get BACK into the arena of politics after seeing the low ratings in FX’s Impeachment series, which Monica Lewinsky produced.

It was Lewinsky, whose affair with Bill Clinton when she was an intern, was believed to be the main reason behind, then, President. Bill Clinton’s 1998 impeachment.  The Clintons believe the low ratings to Lewinsky’s TV program, detailing the impeachment events, meant the public has forgiven them.

Sources say that the pair “don’t want to be pariahs anymore,” as if the impeachment was the only reason for low public approval for either of them. The Clintons are emerging again, claiming they want to fix up their past and positively influence the hurting Democrat party.

The Clintons have a point that their timing may be perfect for them both to get back into politics.

The Democrat Party appears to be in terrible shape after several high-profile losses over their handling of the COVID-19 virus, their withdrawal from Afghanistan, and other uncomfortable blunders by Joe Biden, who has even had a public problem of soiling his own pants in front of the Pope at a recent world leadership event. Bill and Hillary Clinton apparently are sensing an opportunity to get back into the political fray, because truthfully, they look good to Democrats at this point.

Politico Playbook reported Friday that the power couple believes their centrist, deal-making brand of politics could be helpful to the party, without acknowledging Hillary’s failed attempts to run for President in 2016 were disastrous for the Democratic Party.

The Daily Mail reported on the news  on Friday:

“The Clintons also believe that the public may have moved on from former President Bill Clinton’s scandalous past pointing to the surprisingly low ratings of Lewinsky’s program about her experiences.

Another source described their need to be involved in politics as a ‘perpetual itch that will never go away.’

‘They know how to slowly reenter,’ the source said. ‘The Clintons want to reset the board in their favor and then move the pieces.’

Bill Clinton was among the high-profile Democrats who attempted to convince moderate West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin that he should support filibuster reform.

The ex-president relished this opportunity, Playbook said and has also been in touch with Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, another tough vote.

‘I don’t know her, but I like her,’ Clinton reportedly said after calling the Arizona lawmaker.

Sinema entered the House of Representatives in 2013, 13 years after Bill Clinton exited the White House.

A  recent WSJ op-ed saying Hillary Clinton would be an ideal candidate for 2024 was a ‘gift’ to her allowing the ex-candidate to gauge public sentiment, sources said.

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