Gubernatorial Candidate Vows To Use Cartel Money To Pay For The Wall And Bill The Gov’t

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Cartels have been encroaching on our southern border for years, even buying out businesses on the US side to use as fronts for money laundering. They have people on both sides of the border who act as scouts, drug and human traffickers, and the wicked organizations murder their enemies in the most brutal fashion. These activities have only gotten worse since the Biden administration came into power. Now one candidate for governor of a border state says she is going to target the cartels in a big way.

Kari Lake’s southern border protection plan may very well undo the federal government’s efforts to relax border enforcement.

The former Arizona news anchor resigned from her post citing unbalanced coverage and political bias, which took her into the national spotlight as Arizonans and Americans of conservative views across the country rallied to her cause.

Lake announced in June that she would run for governor of Arizona, telling reporters at the time that “I am running for Governor of Arizona because I care too deeply about this state and the wonderful people who live here to sit on the sidelines and watch us adopt the same policies that left California in shambles.”

The new interstate border patrol Lake announced on Tuesday would circumvent federal regulations.

In order to oversee border security operations along the U.S.-Mexico border, an interstate commission “comprised of representatives from participating states” would be created.

“Within the confines of this compact, member states will … authorize the creation of a dedicated border security force consistent with state law enforcement functions to engage in joint border security operations,” she in a press release.

It would be free from restrictions and regulations imposed by the federal government and directly report to the legislative bodies of participating states. It is also expected that the security force will report its activities to the Department of Homeland Security. Lake added that doing so would be a “courtesy.”

“If Washington intends to abandon Arizona, we will exercise a federalist remedy with like-minded states across our great nation to deal with the crisis ourselves. And with Arizona leading a coalition of states, we will empower our law enforcement with the ability to secure our border and our interior from the lawlessness and evils of the cartels.”

“Critics have often claimed that the border is a federal responsibility. And statute is clear that the federal government is responsible for enforcing security at our nation’s borders. But statute does not supersede the Constitution. If Washington refuses to honor its constitutional requirements, states have every recourse and responsibility to take matters into their own hands. And that is exactly what we’re going to do.”

Besides the interstate border commission, Lake presented a number of other proposals on Tuesday. Lake also said she would implement the following policies and take these actions:

Finish Trump’s Wall

Veto any budget that fails to fully fund the border wall’s completion

Border barrier construction will be partially funded using seized assets from convicted criminals associated with the cartels

Once completed, Arizona will request full reimbursement from Washington D.C.

Expand the Arizona Rangers: I will call on the Legislature to restore the Arizona Rangers as a special state-funded law enforcement force. The Rangers currently serve on a volunteer basis

Enhance the National Guard Presence and expand its mission to include:

Destroy smuggler and cartel tunnels. We will do so in consultation with Israeli military officials experienced in dealing with Hamas tunnel networks

Shoot down drones that cross from Mexico into Arizona airspace

Give detainment authority to arrest illegal immigrants and cartel operatives

Modify HB 2810 to Crack Down on Cartels

Deport Criminals

Empower Law Enforcement to Make Trespassing Arrests

Create a Special Border Court to rapidly adjudicate trespassing crimes for non-citizen illegal immigrants

Grant Removal Authority for State Guard/National Guard

Create a Criminal Illegal Alien Database

Work for a ‘Refuse and Lose’ law that strips state funding from any county or municipality that defunds law enforcement or employs ‘sanctuary’ policies

Pressure Congress to Move Arizona Out of the Ninth Circuit

As part of her mission, Lake promised to form a new border task force that would work with tribal leaders to “find effective and mutually-respectful solutions for securing the border that runs through tribal territory.”

Additionally, Lake promised to seek legislation geared toward improving border security from the Arizona Legislature.

As part of Lake’s campaign, legislators will be urged to recognize cartels as “international terrorist organizations” and to impose “strict screening requirements, akin to foster care screening protocols, for placing illegal immigrant minors with sponsors inside Arizona.”

In her remarks, Lake slammed the Biden administration for having “abandoned its constitutional duties” and repeated a central message of her campaign: that leftists in DC and MSM push “false far-left narratives” as a means of achieving policy goals.

“As governor, I will not hesitate to do what needs to be done to restore security and sanity to our border. I will not allow false far-left narratives, all-too-often crafted with willing participants in our national press corps, to thwart a policy agenda that puts Arizona first. And I will not wait for Washington’s approval or rely on the empty promises of far-away politicians to do what’s best for Arizonans,” Lake promised.

“The time is now. Together, we will secure our state, safeguard our communities, and pave a brighter and more secure future for Arizona and our great nation.”

It sounds like Lake is just what Arizona needs at this time.

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