Facing a Bloodbath 23 Democrats Retire Early

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A massive red wave is coming! A red tsunami!

According to the Daily Mail there are now 23 Democrats who aren’t seeking reelection in 2022.

Rap Albio Sires of New Jersey is retiring which will give Democrats slim hope to keep their majority in the house.

The Mail reports:

Sires, the Washington Post notes, is planning to officially announce his retirement after his eighth term in early 2022 and will endorse as his replacement Robert Menendez, Jr., the son of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez.

The news comes after Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard became the 22nd House Democrat to announce she won’t run for reelection in next year’s midterms.

The US house currently has 221 Democrats and 213 Republicans meaning that the GOP can easily take back the majority and stop Joe Biden’s and the left’s assault on America.

With the upcoming retirements, the Democratic majority looks as if its days are numbered. With Joe Biden’s abysmal record on how he handled the pandemic and the economy, chances are that the midterm election will be a bloodbath.

Many Americans believe that the Democratic Party is not the one they grew up with but now is a socialist machine bent on wealth redistribution, defunding the police, and trampling on our First and Second Amendment rights. Without massive voter fraud, it is most likely that the Democratic Party will lose its grip on power in 2022.

The Mail report continued:

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted Democratic members could switch parties.

‘Remember, we had an individual reregister from Democrat to Republican, and I think there are a few other Democrats out there that are thinking about it,’ McCarthy told Fox News on Monday in reference to Representative Jeff Van Drew.

Van Drew switched parties in 2020 to Republican following his initial election as a Democrat to represent New Jersey in the House two years prior.

‘Why? Not because they changed, but the party has changed,’ McCarthy explained of the realignment.

‘The Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of old,’ the California Republican added. ‘This is a socialist Democrat Party. Bernie Sanders says it, AOC and others. And that is out of step with the mainstream of America. That is their problem. They are letting that wing of the socialist wing of the party dictate their policy, dictate the intimidation.’

‘Lucky for us Joe Manchin stood up to it,’ he concluded.

The latest Rasmussen poll has just 30% of the country believe that we are heading in the right direction, and guess what? Democrats own that. They are totally in control of what is going on in the country. Every day, the price of goods goes up. The price of gas has skyrocketed, inflation is through the roof with no end in sight. Crime waves are sweeping liberal-run cities that just a year ago began defunding police departments. People are fleeing blue states and cities seeking safer, less restricted living in red ones.

Before the Chinese virus was unleashed, America was at the top of its game under President Trump. Many people, including Democrats and independents, want that back, and the DNC will have a hard time convincing them to vote blue this time around.

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