DOJ Accidentally Publishes Bombshell List of Elites Caught In Sex Cult

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The New York business elite was left shaken Tuesday night after a copy of the alleged client list for a student prostitute in the Sarah Lawrence ‘sex cult’ case was published online.

This list, which is under seal in the ongoing trial of cult leader Larry Ray, contains attorneys, businessmen, and socialites from throughout the State of New York and New Jersey.

A copy of the list of 121 names was obtained by reporters but it was quickly taken down as soon as it was posted.

Among the couples included were a top executive at The Gap clothing firm and her husband. The list also includes a former New York State Supreme Court judge.
There is also alleged involvement with a painter with studios in Manhattan’s East Village and in Italy. Another is a renowned architect, who has designed buildings for colleges and universities.

Another name on the list is a hedge fund manager who has donated millions to charity, and whose name appears on a museum in New York. Another person on the list is a Washington DC lobbyist who has worked for foreign resistance movements, and another is an internationally known diamond dealer.

In addition, there is an executive from the Metropolitan Transit Authority, an account executive from Amazon, and an experienced travel writer.

There are numerous exhibits on display in the US federal case against 62-year-old Ray, who is accused of running a sex cult out of the dorm room of his daughter at Sarah Lawrence College.

Claudie Drury, 31, a former Sarah Lawrence student, is said to have compiled the list and included it in an email, as part of her testimony against Raymond, who she claimed forced her into prostitution.

Yet somehow, the government uploaded the ‘sealed’ document online and then rushed to prevent the leak of information.

‘Per order of the Court, government exhibit #3217 (GX 3217) was admitted under seal,’ wrote a DOJ spokesperson shortly after the document was taken down.

‘This file was inadvertently loaded to the U.S. v. Ray file share. Please do not reproduce, share, or use this exhibit in any way, if you have downloaded this file, please delete it.’

It is not likely that the department’s plea will succeed since the document has already been made public on Twitter.

There is a list in an email attributed to Drury to the Department.

‘This is not an exhaustive list but it includes all my main clients/regulars and many others,’ she stated in the email.

In addition to Drury, four other cult members met Ray at the elite liberal arts college in Bronxville, just north of Manhattan.

Ray began living with Talia’s friends in her on-campus dorm in the fall of 2010, where he convinced them to stay at his apartment in the city the following summer.

According to the prosecution, Ray forced students to join his “family” as he accumulated wealth, sex, and power, and forced one woman to turn over more than $1 million to him in a year.

During her testimony Friday at Manhattan Federal Court, Drury explained how Ray’s charisma led to her being sent to a psychiatric facility and ultimately led to her future as a prostitute.

Her story describes how she grew from a nave student to someone who solicited sex, giving Ray, his daughter Talia, and co-accused Isabella Pollok $2.5million of her earnings.

Despite her lack of confidence about her body and discomfort, Dury admitted that she couldn’t believe anyone found her attractive.

Ray’s coercion and her insecurity contributed to her decision to have sexual relations with ‘Sam,’ a married man Ray purchased power tools from.

At the beginning of the trial, jurors were also shown texts between Drury and Pollok and Pollok and Talia, all of which seemed to discuss Drury’s prostitution, her clients, and the payment and transfer of cash into Pollok’s bank account.

In the text read aloud, Drury cited meetings and amounts she expected to be paid.

‘I’m seeing Joe, the $3,500 guy at 3:30 pm. I believe that will be another $8k though maybe less.’

Many different amounts of cash and bank account balances were discussed, ranging from a few hundred to more than $17,000.

Pollok and Talia exchange text messages following an alleged transfer of money earned by Drury through prostitution. Talia assures Pollok: ‘We got the moollah.’

Ray, who was the best man at the wedding of former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik, has been incarcerated since his arrest on March 13, 2020.

He has a shady past as a high-profile New York scammer. Along with serving time behind bars for being a part of a securities fraud scheme, he previously worked on Wall Street, owned nightclubs, became an FBI informant, and made his way into powerful networks by arranging meetings.

His role in a securities fraud scam had previously led to a five-year probationary sentence.

And the left says ‘elites” aren’t involved in any sex cults. Yeah, right.


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