Credit card companies could cut off enemies of political left, Bongino warns

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It may be that Visa and Mastercard are denying services to tens of millions of Russians in order to put severe financial pressure on Vladimir Putin to end his aggression against Ukraine, but many worry that Visa and Mastercard are setting a precedent that can be used against the left’s domestic political opponents in the near future.

Dan Bongino of Fox News recently warned that American leftists who have already utilized the “public-private partnership” to censor their critics will be inspired by abusive practices overseas to push for the same denial of service against conservatives and Trump supporters.

He made his remarks on Saturday’s edition of “Unfiltered” when he talked with Kara Frederick, a technology research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, about the possibility that the left could soon demand that the financial system be used to crush their opponents.

“Listen, this Russian disinformation label, this can get ugly as you well know, does the war in Ukraine open the door for these political narratives, you know for them to abuse that label and start attacking conservatives? Kara, we’re seeing it already, we’ve got a war in Ukraine going on and there are leftists calling for more censorship of people here?” Bongino inquired.

“I think It absolutely opens the door,” Frederick responded. “They are going to politicize everything they can and remember, disinformation for the left means things that don’t agree with our narrative, things that the Biden administration doesn’t agree with…”

Bongino continued, “The saddest part about this whole thing, I’m out to dinner with my wife tonight before I get on the air, and we’re having a conversation, and she asked me about Mastercard. She’s like ‘What do you think about Mastercard cutting off Putin and Russia, and then PayPal and other payment services?’

“And I said ‘you know what? Ordinarily, I would say wow that’s really terrific, good, it will put some pressure on them,” he replied. “But you know what seriously concerns me? That the left will see this as a bat signal to go and turn this on their political enemies here at home and by the way, that’s not a conspiracy theory they’ve already done this kind of stuff…”


Bongino’s warning was inadvertently validated by some who attacked him on Twitter.

Social media giant Tik-Tok joined the increasing list of companies that have suspended service to Russia, joining credit card companies, energy and technology firms, shipping and logistics companies, etc.

“TikTok is an outlet for creativity and entertainment that can provide a source of relief and human connection during a time of war when people are facing immense tragedy and isolation,” the company indicated in a statement, and it said it had no choice but to cease operations in Russia.

Netflix cut off its services to Russia as well. “Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” the streaming company’s spokesperson said.

American Express, Visa’s and Mastercard’s competitor, also suspended its services to Russia.

If some are quick to call Bongino an alarmist tinfoil hater, they should look northward to Canada. Just a few weeks ago, the leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked Canada’s Emergencies Act against peaceful truckers who were protesting the mandate to administer COVID vaccines. The freeze of their financial accounts followed.

In light of fanaticism on the left as well as the ongoing censorship of social media carried out by Silicon Valley supporters, it isn’t too difficult to picture it happening here.


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