Bombshell: Ex-Dominion Employee Has Fulton County “Re-Certify” Primary Results In Secret Meeting

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Something peculiar is happening in Georgia after recent primary elections, where a recertifying process had to happen because of an extraordinary tally of the winners for certifying and moving ahead to the next stage in the process.

According to local Atlanta CBS News,

Michelle Long Spears recently alerted officials to a problem in the DeKalb County Commissioner District 2 race the Wednesday after the primary election. Spears said she noticed she received zero votes at more than a dozen precincts, including the one she voted at.

After a recount by hand, county officials announced it is delaying certification in the general primary election after a series of technical issues. The county did not specify the problems but shared it is working with the Georgia Secretary of State to determine what caused the problem.

Weird stuff is happening in Georgia- and that shouldn’t be all that surprising considering the 2020 election- I digress.

The story of the 2022 oddities has not escaped the view of independent media, who are the only ones to pay attention to important details while the lapdog media covers up suspicious activity. Check this out:

Bombshell: Ex-Dominion Employee Has Fulton County “Re-Certify” Primary Results In Secret Meeting!

Fulton County officials vote to certify election results without having any of the election results.

On Wednesday, Emerald Robinson exposed the whole story:

Bombshell: Ex-Dominion Employee Has Fulton County “Re-Certify” Primary Results In Secret Meeting!
Fulton County officials vote to certify election results without having any of the election results.

Georgia’s primary elections have descended into chaos in Fulton County and DeKalb County — and Dominion Voting System machines are at the center of both scandals.

In fact, an ex-Dominion Voting Systems employee named Dominic Olomo appeared at an emergency election meeting (on a Sunday!) in Fulton County to announce that “discrepancies” in Dominion machines forced him to “recertify” the results of the primary election without having any vote totals to

Watch this exchange too.

From Emerald’s research:

Fulton County’s election board required no numbers, no data, nothing to “re-certify” their primary results— they just took the word of Dominic Olomo. Can you believe the stupidity on display here? (For more details on this corrupt Fulton County meeting, read these great articles here and here.) Fulton County simply voted to certify election results without having any of the election results.

This is banana republic stuff.

Let’s begin at the beginning of this farce. (A lot of things happened last week.) On Friday, the U.S. Federal Government was forced to admit that Dominion Voting machines (used in all of Georgia’s counties) were vulnerable to hacking — and CISA released a “vulnerabilities advisory” to state election officials regarding “versions of the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite ImageCast X.” That same week, DeKalb County (GA) released the results of a hand re-count in the District 2 County Commission primary race that revealed such massive discrepancies in the “official” Dominion machine results that it completely flipped the race’s results.

Go here for more of her story. 

The Fulton County Election’s Director, Nadine Williams, explained that the meeting was being held under emergency provisions because the Georgia Secretary of State required Fulton County to certify the May 24th primary election results before 9:00 AM on Monday, June 6th, and there was simply no other time in which a meeting could be held with a Quorum. Ms. Williams then says that Dominic Olomo (former Dominion employee) will explain the reason which necessitated the recertification of the results.

Dominic Olomo (1:03:00)

On yesterday we found out that we had some precinct had some compact flash card. During election night we extract result files, images, and log files from CF card, from compact flash cards. We found out some precincts have discrepancies. Some CF cards were not pulling- some precincts were not pulling result files. Some were pulling images and log files. While some would have some images and log files, not result files. The result file is where we, you know, we use to do the tabulation. Import the result. The images inputs ballot images, The log file gives us the activity on the scanner, at the precinct level. So, we have those discrepancies, and it was just like, you know- know how to say- technical issue.

Dr. Ruth:

So this was a technical issue. Not that there were flash drives found- in -a… That’s not what happened?

Dominic Olomo:


Dr. Ruth:

So all of the flash drives, right, were accounted for all precincts?

Dominic Olomo:


Dr. Ruth:

Um, this is a situation where the log file, so there is a technical discrepancy where the result file and the log file were not reading together. Or was not reading the same?

Dominic Olomo:

No. So, on the CF card you can pull the log file. Log files, images and results file. Some pulled the images and the log file- not the results. Some pulled the results not the log files and the images. So in this discrepancy, they’re like pulling one out of three, you’re pulling two of three, you’re pulling one of two.

“Mr. Olomo describes a discrepancy in the election results which he claims was caused by poll managers failure to save the correct election results files to the tabulator’s compact flash card. Not only are Mr. Olomo’s claims incorrect, but they are also impossible,” one poster known as ‘CannCon’ reported from his extensive research.


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